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Mii: JadenMKW's Profile Picture.jpg
Youtube: JadenMKW
Discord: Jaden#3697


Hi, I'm Jaden! I’ve been following the Mario Kart Wii community since 2017, but finally became active myself in January 2020, when I assisted with the discovery of the N64 Mario Raceway ultra shortcut. After spending a few months glitch-hunting with the TASing community, I moved on to a longtime dream of mine, making custom tracks. I participated in a track creation competition known as CT Jams, which is where the majority of my tracks come from.

As of January 2022, I have decided to retire from Mario Kart Wii indefinitely. Due to this, you are free to release updates to any of my creations without contacting me first. Mario Kart Wii was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, full of both frustrating and freeing moments, but I've finally arrived at the end of it. I would like to thank all of those in the CT Jam community for making this ride so special for me, you helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. However, it is time that I do the impossible and finally move on to pursue my future. Although it is sad to leave something behind I love so deeply, I am appreciative of the people I was able to meet and memories I was able to make while I was here!

Unfinished Projects (Projects I never got around to while in the community, but may complete at some point in the distant future):

Unreleased Projects (Projects that are as "finalized" as they will ever get, but I do not plan to publicly release):

  • SNES Donut Plains 1: a remake meant to play as closely to the original version as possible, irrelevant due to Wacker's own remake.
  • (Imprisoned In An) Ass Hole: a joke track made for the Prison Turbo Jam (#13). Don't judge me, someone had to do it.
  • David Really Hates Carrots: The Track: a joke track made for the David Turbo Jam (#16), a mildly offensive monstrosity.
  • The Oldest and Scariest Track in CT Jams: a 1:1 recreation of Bounce, irrelevant for obvious reasons.

Cancelled Projects (Projects that were never finished that I have no intention of ever finishing):

  • Unnamed Holiday/Leaf CT Jam Track: would have contained four sections based on each season, only the winter section was ever completed.
  • Good Egg Galaxy: a collaboration between Citrus and I, cancelled due to my own inability to assist with the project to a significant extent.
  • Fleet Glide Galaxy: originally planned for the Super Mario Galaxy CT Jam. It would have utilized the infamous flying glitch.
  • Sweet Sweet Galaxy: a track created using many extracted models from the source level. The existence of Sweet Sweet Universe makes finishing this irrelevant.
  • N64 Herbert Land: a joke demake of N64 Sherbet Land using the original N64 model. The cave would have contained an alarming amount of images of U.S. President Herbert Hoover.

I may also create a My Stuff Distribution of 16 of my tracks alongside 16 of my favorites by other creators, if/when I do finish my remaining projects.