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Not to be confused with Bri. That's someone else.

I make custom tracks and arenas for Mario Kart Wii, with many of the arenas being ports from other games. You are allowed to update my content freely, but I encourage you look at this page before attempting to make an update to an LE-CODE course. I no longer mod Mario Kart Wii with the frequency I once did, but that does not mean that I wish to quit or that I won't make an update anymore. I was never the best at checking on a regular basis the discussion pages for my courses, but I still check them once in a great while and they still may be the best way to get my attention.

If you want to download all 23 of my battle arenas using a single download link, click here. I will update it when I make another battle arena.

Here is a table of all of my courses. The LE-CODE notes indicate the difference(s) each course exhibits when played via LE-CODE.

Prefix Name Debut Order LE-CODE Type
BAR! Airport 14th ~ Arena (Port)
DK64 Arena 1 23rd ~ Arena (Port)
DK64 Arena 2 24th ~ Arena (Port)
~ Basement Library 30th 4 random scenarios Track (Custom)
~ Blowy Breezeway 22nd KTPT fix Track (Custom)
SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield 4th Performance management XPFs + Goomba respawn fix Arena (Port)
~ Canyon Arena 25th ~ Arena/Track (Custom)
BAR! Castle 12th ~ Arena (Port)
~ Cistern Channel Garden 28th 2 random scenarios Arena (Custom)
BK Click Clock Wood Hub 29th Performance management XPFs Arena (Port)
~ Cogwheel Chasm 31st KTPT fix Track (Custom)
~ Conveyor Conundrum (R) 3rd ~ Track (Custom)
~ Drift Brake Circuit (Edit) 5th ~ Track (Custom)
BAR! Dunes 15th ~ Arena (Port)
~ Escalator Action 19th 8 random scenarios (Track only) Arena/Track (Custom)
~ Gloomy Castle 7th HIPT + engine-class XPFs Track (Custom)
BAR! Ice Flows 9th ~ Arena (Port)
DKR Icicle Pyramid 21st ~ Arena (Port)
~ Lava Battle 27th 4 random scenarios Arena (Custom)
BAR! MULT 10 18th ~ Arena (Port)
BAR! Parkade 13th ~ Arena (Port)
BAR! Rooftops 10th Different item probabilities Arena (Port)
~ Rotation Station 6th Performance management XPFs Arena (Custom)
DKR Smokey Castle 20th 2 random scenarios Arena (Port)
BAR! Stadium 17th ~ Arena (Port)
~ Torrential Flood Lake 1st 8 random scenarios + KTPT fix Track (Custom)
~ Twisted Towers 2nd ~ Arena (Custom)
BAR! Volcano 16th 3 random scenarios Arena (Port)
~ Wacky Waterworks 26th 4 random scenarios + HIPT + Performance management XPFs Track (Custom)
~ Waterfall Kerfuffle 8th 8 random scenarios + Performance management XPFs Arena (Custom)
BAR! Woods 11th Performance management XPFs Arena (Port)


If you are interested in Mario Party 3, I have released one custom board by first creating a Mario Kart Wii custom "track" and taking screenshots of it. You can find it here: