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I'm Rex. I exist, I can't really say much else since I find myself pretty uninteresting.

I make mods sometimes, primarily custom tracks. I am nowhere close to being good at modeling, so I'm sorry that most of my tracks look pretty crap for modern standards. They aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I release some of them anyways, usually as long as I enjoy them and if I think at least one other person will like it. If you're expecting good quality in most of my tracks, you're probably better off looking at someone else's tracks. Visual wise, I think my best track is Paralyzed Cliffs, though your expectations for modeling and/or visuals probably aren't fulfilled by it. I also think it is one of my weakest tracks gameplay wise.

A lot of my past tracks I have plans for at least some sort of update to them, but most of them haven't come close to completion due to lack of motivation. I plan to remake quite a few of them too once I get better at modeling (perhaps a pipe dream), even some of my more recent courses I may have some plans for. I do also wish I could make more new tracks, though I just am not motivated to make tracks as much as I used to be.

Questions and permission to update stuff

If for whatever reason you want to ask me questions that are related to any of the mods I've published on here, you can ask them on my user talk page. Once I see it, I may respond to it if I feel it is needed. I do have a Discord account, but I feel scared directly talking with people I haven't talked with much before, so that is why I prefer inquires on the user talk page instead.

If you want to update, remake, or do anything else with any of my previous tracks:

  • I would prefer you asking me first. I probably won't mind it, but I would still like it if you asked me before doing anything just so I am aware. If it is a pretty small update, such as just changing a few things in the BRRES or KMP, you don't have to ask for my permission.
  • If something you want to do isn't really a quality of life change, and is a change that only you and likely not many others are interested in, please list it as an alternate update (ex. "v1.0-alt").
  • If it is an alternate update for a distribution specifically and caters toward use in said distribution rather than just for general use, add the distribution initials at the end. (ex. "v1.0-mkwcd", standing for "Mario Kart Wii Custom Distribution")
  • Please list to me what you plan on changing, in case I have things that I do not want changed about the track.

User Link

Released tracks that are exempt from my user link are tracks of mine that I don't like as much as the tracks that are on there. Quite a few of my CT Jam entries I am not happy with or find to be too unfinished, so most of those tracks are either exempt, or not released on the CT Wiiki at all.