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I'm Rex. I pretty much just exist, I can't really say much else since I find myself to be a bit of an uninteresting person in most aspects. The main types of mods I create are Custom Tracks, which I release very occasionally. Pretty much for all of them, I tend to make them more for my own fun rather than for any super serious reasons. My tracks will not be for everybody and they'll have flaws with them, so I recommend you probably check out other people's work instead if you're looking for something more polished. I don't strive to be perfect with my tracks, so I hope that you can at least respect that I do this more for a random hobby and not for any sort of occupation or trying to be the best at :)

If you want to see more information and my thoughts about the new mods I release, check out my mod blog page!

Random info about myself

Questions and permission to update stuff

If you want to ask me questions that are related to any of the mods I've published on here, you're free to ask them on my user talk page. Once I see it, I will respond to it if I feel it is needed. I do have a Discord account, but I'm usually not confident in talking with people I haven't talked with much before more directly. If you do already have me added though, feel free to DM me instead of using the talk page.

If you want to do an update, texture hack, or track edit for any of my Custom Tracks:

  • I would prefer you asking me for permission first. I probably won't end up minding it as long as there's no harm behind it, though I would still like it if you asked me before doing anything regarding just so I know about it. If it's a very small update/edit, such as just changing one setting of something that already exists in the track, I don't mind if you don't ask for permission.
  • If an update is something more for yourself or a distribution, I would appreciate you making it an alternate or distribution specific version.
  • You do not need to ask for permission if it is fixing something that is very clearly a bug or unintended effect (such as a crash), though I may end up fixing that myself if brought to my attention and I can do so. If it is something more ambiguous on if it could be a bug or not, please ask me for my thoughts before doing anything with it.
  • Please respect my wishes for aspects of the track I do not want altered. There's not many specific things I can think of regarding this, but just let me know ahead of time what you're adding or changing, and I'll let you know if I'm fine with it.

I do not wish for any of my Custom Tracks to be ported to other Mario Kart games, unless I give you permission to do so, or I port them myself.

User Link

Released tracks that are exempt from my user link can be due to one or multiple of the following, primarily the first two:

  • I've grown to not like the track as much since releasing it
  • I find the track to be less "complete" compared to most of the other tracks listed
  • It's something mostly created as a joke, or is made for a more specific purpose (such as an event) that may cause it to not work as well in more traditional races