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I'm Rex. I pretty much just exist, I can't really say much else since I find myself pretty uninteresting. I used to be involved with various parts of the MKW community in the past, but nowadays I am mainly around in places regarding CT creation, albeit I'm not visibly active in most of those places, and tend to just talk to my friends or other people I'm familiar with.

Questions and permission to update stuff

If you want to ask me questions that are related to any of the mods I've published on here, you can ask them on my user talk page. Once I see it, I may respond to it if I feel it is needed. I do have a Discord account, but I do not like talking with people I haven't talked with much before in private.

If you want to do an update to my Custom Tracks:

  • I would prefer you asking me first. I probably won't mind it, but I would still like it if you asked me before doing anything just so I am aware. If it is a pretty small update, such as just changing a few values of things in the BRRES or KMP, you don't have to ask for permission. You also do not need to ask for permission if it is something that is very clearly a bug, though I may end up fixing that myself if brought to my attention. If it is something more ambiguous on if it could be a bug or not, ask me for my thoughts before doing anything with it.
  • If you're updating one of my tracks, please respect my wishes for features I do not want changed. Check the "Custom Tracks Info" header below to see if the track has a list of these.
  • I'm fine with my original CTs being remade, as long as the track hasn't had any updates to it from me in over 2 years, and depending on the "support scale" you'll see in the "Custom Tracks Info" portion of this page. If the track is more recent, I would like you to let me know about it. If you're doing a major update or remake, I am free to assist a little bit by telling you if I have any ideas or concepts I planned on including in either the original track or a future version of it :)

I do not want any of my Custom Tracks to be ported to other Mario Kart games, unless I give you permission to, or I do so myself.

Custom Tracks Info

Here I have a table of my released tracks, with the dates they were first released and last updated, as well as a few scales next to them.

  • The "P" scale is for "Personal rating", it basically shows how much I like the track personally. Lower numbers are tracks of mine that I think aren't that good, and higher numbers are ones that I like. (Please note that this isn't a very objective rating, for example, just because I gave a track a high score doesn't mean I also expect you to like it)
  • The "S" scale is for "Support", this shows how likely I am to do update(s) to the track once I have the motivation to do so. The numbers for this one may change somewhat frequently. Lower numbers on this scale mean I'm not very likely to update the track at all (or at least any time soon), and higher numbers are for tracks that I have a high interest in updating. Courses with lower Support Scale numbers I'm more fine with other people doing updates on, but unless it has a zero, I would still prefer you contact me before doing any updates.

(Table coming at a later point)

User Link

Released tracks that are exempt from my user link are tracks of mine that I either don't like that much, or find to be less "completed" compared to most of those that are on there.