N64 Toad's Turnpike (AltairYoshi)

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This article is about AltairYoshi's remake. For other versions, see N64 Toad's Turnpike.
N64 Toad's Turnpike
Author: AltairYoshi
Designer: Nintendo, AltairYoshi
Version: v2.3
Date of latest version: 2021-07-02
Editors used: Blender, BrawlBox, CTools, KMP Cloud, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, MagicY, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Google Drive


This is a remake created by AltairYoshi, based on the Mario Kart 8 version. It uses elements and textures from Moonview Highway, as well as from the Mario Kart 8 version. This is also the author's first track to be completely made in Blender. A remake by the author for Mario Kart DS of this track was used as a base. There are two versions included: a sunset version, to look like the original version, and a night version, to look more modern. v1.1 improves on the scenery, and makes the gameplay more reminiscent of the Mario Kart 8 version, with two lanes of traffic going with the racers and one going at them. v2.0 is a complete remake from scratch, featuring a higher quality model, visuals and gameplay improvements.


v2.3 VS Race (Dolphin)
v2.0 Time Trial (Dolphin)
v1.0 VS Races

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-05-19 First release
v1.1 2019-07-03
  • Changed some textures.
  • Vehicles now go on three lanes and at the same speed.
  • Improved vertex colors.
  • Improved scenery.
  • Added more openings at the sides of the track.
  • Repositioned item boxes.
  • Improved KCL.
  • Fixed texture issues.
  • Added sign animations.
  • Upscaled to 140%.
  • Changed skybox for the sunset version.
v2.0 2020-06-08 Remade from scratch.
v2.1 2020-06-09
  • Added more invisible walls at the starting area.
  • Patched an Ultra Shortcut.
v2.2 2020-11-09
v2.3 2021-07-02
  • Adjusted some mipmaps.
  • Added replay cameras.

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