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Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale
Author: Zeraora, Dracheron, Overlandink37, AtlasTheLucario
Type: Riivolution, ISO Patcher
Tracks: 297 custom tracks,
32 original tracks
Battle: 10
Version: v2.0ARU
Date of latest version: 2021-10-08
Discord server: MKWBR Server
Reddit: r/MKWBR
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Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale (also known as MKWBR) is a custom track distribution created by Zeraora, Dracheron, Overlandink37, and AtlasTheLucario. The distribution is based on the video game genre of battle royale. It features 297 custom tracks alongside the original 32 tracks, with simultaneous online play.


v2.0ARU Trailer
MKWBR v2.0AWU Lucario


The track list can be found here.

Game Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Speed Modifier MrBean35000vr Tracks have a speed modifier applied (e.g. 2.0× speed) which causes all parts of the game's physics to move at the increased speed (including vehicles, items and boosts).
Change VR Limit XeR Changes the max amount of VR to 5000.
Remove Worldwide Option Chadderz This code will completely remove the Worldwide option at the Wi-Fi main menu.
No Disconnect [WP]Bully This code will prevent you from disconnecting if idling or going backwards.
Dynamic Gravity JoshuaMK Changes the gravity when falling if vehicle is facing down. The falling speed is very fast, faster than CTGP Revolution's 200cc.
Deploy Green Shell Speed Modifier davidevgen Changes Green Shell speed to 120km/h, making it faster.
End Race when Hit Seeky, mdmwii When the player is hit by an item, your race will end.
VS Vehicles in Battle Nameless, Palapeli This allows for any kart or bike choice in Battle Mode.
CC Tracker JoshuaMK This code allow for tracking and activating codes when a certain engine class is chosen.
Bullet Bill Speed Modifier davidevgen, CLF78 This code speeds the Bullet Bill up when on 200cc.
Drift at Lower Speeds Supastarrio, Zeraora This code allows the user to drift at lower speeds.
License Creation VR+BR Modifier Vega This sets VR/BR upon license creation to 2500.
Invisible Code Star This code is specifically used when the player is hit, so all eliminated players are not visible to other players.
Force Live View Geeh, EvilRobot This code is specifically used when the player is hit, so the user could possibly have a better view of the other players.
Timer Speed Modifier mdmwii This code is specifically used when the player is hit, so the user's race could end.
Offline Check Zeraora, Vega This code is used to have different codes activate when the user is in offline mode.
Online Check Zeraora, Vega This code is used to have different codes activate when the user is in online mode.
Kill-o-Meter Zeraora, XeR This code is used to write a value of 1 to the Exception Vector (there will be checks in other codes to see if that value is 1).
Don't Hide Position After Race MrBean35000vr Prevents the game from hiding the position tracker after the race ends. Useful to instantly know your actual finishing position (which might differ due to lag).
Unlock Everything without Save acaruso This code gives you the effects of having everything unlocked even though you have not fulfilled the requirements to unlock all. You can still unlock karts/bikes.
Mega Mushroom Increased FOV Palapeli This code increases the field of view when a Mega Mushroom is used, making it possible to see where you are driving.
Disable Title Demo Movie Diamond This will disable the two demo movies that appear when leaving the title screen idle after a short period of time.
Engine Class Modifier Leseratte This code allows you to adjust the speed of every engine class.
Show Battle Map Icons CLF78 This code makes the game show minimap icons for Wigglers and rolling Chain Chomps in any game mode.
Automatically Patch BRSAR Elias_ This code will automatically patch the size of the entry of any BRSTM file to its maximum size on the fly. Basically does the same thing as Patch that BRSAR!, but without any file patches. This is also compatible with custom/My Stuff BRSAR files.
Disable Multi Channel BRSTMs CLF78 This code disables channel switching for track music, removing the requirement of multi-channel BRSTMs in the slots that previously needed it.
Explosion Damage MrBean35000vr, CLF78 This code makes it so other players will see you blow up only if you were actually hit by an explosion. This also fixes Blue Shell dodges and players spinning out rather than exploding like they should.
Controllable Bullet Bills davidevgen This code allows the user to fully control a Bullet Bill's pathing.
No Bullet Bill Icon Anarion Once you use a Bullet Bill, its icon goes away, allowing you to pick up an item while in a Bullet Bill.
MSPT Antifreeze MrBean35000vr The following code prevents the game from crashing if a track does not have valid MSPT entries. Useful to play VS tracks in Battle Mode.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-06-21 First release
v1.1 2019-07-26
  • Added 32 tracks.
  • Removed eight tracks.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Mii character to crash on Dolphin.
  • Added 5000 VR cap.
  • Renamed 3DS and Wii U tracks.
  • Vehicle stats have been modified to change the "meta".
v1.2 2019-09-14
  • Added 12 new tracks.
  • Added support for PAL.
  • Removed four tracks.
  • Added Battle Royale, TDM and KC game modes.
v1.2.1 2019-10-14
  • Added 200cc (replaces 150cc).
  • Added Fast Falling.
  • Fixed bugs in the Battle Royale game mode.
  • Added a timer in the Battle Royale mode to end at 2:23.
  • Added Faster Green Shells.
  • Improvised the respawn point system.
  • Added 30 second invisibility.
  • Added small Anti-Cheat for those who doesn't use the correct Common.szs/ItemSlot.bin file – it will not allow you to use Triple Reds, Reds, POWs, Lightning, or Bloopers.
v1.3 2019-12-04
  • Removed 30 second invisibility.
  • Replaced eight tracks.
  • Added RoGamer97 over Daisy on the character select screen.
v1.3.1 2020-01-29
  • Fixed a lot of UI issues.
  • Updated Common.szs for the Battle Royale mode.
  • The race will now end in VS mode if you get hit.
  • Players will no longer be stuck on a red screen when hit by an item.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Wiimmfi screen to crash.
v1.3.2 2020-02-08
  • Updated Competitive Mode UI.
  • Revamped Register Mode.
v1.3.3 2020-02-14 Fixed an issue for PAL users where the Battle Royale mode could not be played properly.
v1.4 2020-05-09
  • Added LE-CODE support.
  • Updated Battle Royale, TDM and KC modes.
  • Added eight new tracks (five of them being Wiimm cup tracks).
  • Vehicle stats will now be displayed properly in the menus.
  • Fixed a bug where 200cc would not be its intended speed.
v1.4.1 2020-06-29 Added Infection game mode.
v1.4.2 2020-07-06
  • Fixed issues with Infection Mode that cause many cosmetics to not load.
  • Added an option for Battle Royale mode to not be played with custom tracks.
  • Fixed many typos and spelling mistakes in menus.
v1.4.3 2020-07-08
  • Added custom music to the No Custom Tracks option.
  • Made both NTSC-U and PAL have eight laps.
v1.4.4 2020-07-17 Modified vehicle stats.
v1.5 2020-08-13
  • Removed LE-CODE.
  • Modified vehicle stats.
  • Replaced 16 original tracks with custom tracks.
v1.5.1 2020-11-07
  • Added Brake Drifting for 200cc.
  • Fixed issues that caused PAL to not have correct elimination mechanics.
v1.5.2 2020-11-09
  • Modified many vehicle stats.
  • Added Exception Recovery and Handler.
v1.6 2020-12-23
  • Replaced all tracks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bullet Bills and Blue Shells to be unobtainable.
v1.6.1 2021-01-03
  • Fixed an issue that caused PAL players to constantly be playing on the 200cc engine class.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain tracks to be unintended versions of their tracks.
v1.6.2 2021-02-02
  • Removed Infection Mode.
  • Moved Register Mode into the base game.
  • Removed option to select 150cc or 200cc online.
v2.0ARU 2021-10-08
  • Readded LE-CODE.
  • Added support for all regions, now including NTSC-J and NTSC-K.
  • Fixed a bug which caused users to crash in Battle Mode at random points.
  • Added NinjaWFC support.
  • Added offline support.
  • Added Lucario custom character.
  • Added a custom MKWBR music option in Riivolution.
  • Added a feature that allows custom music to be played on custom tracks.
  • Added Feather Item.

Known Bugs


If a player gets hit by an item, every player that does not get hit will be moved down one position. When the race is over, the positions will fix themselves and update accordingly. While this is considered a bug, a poll was taken to see if this should stay. After this poll, the developers called this bug "Rampage".

By the same author: Dracheron
By the same author: Overlandink37

Custom Characters:
LucarioShiny Lucario