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Author: Atlas
Operating Systems: Windows
Programming language: C#
Software Type: Patcher
File Formats: KCL
Current Version: v1.0
Download: Google Drive

un-beancorner is a simple tool made by Atlas that is able to patch Mario Kart Wii KCL files, making all walls safe from border clipping, also known as Bean corners.


Drag and drop KCL files into the program to automatically patch them, or open the program and select a single KCL.


Like option --kcl weak-walls of Wiimms SZS Tools, this program uses Nintendo's method to prevent Bean corners, which is by modifying the KCL flag variant of every wall to 4xx. This is different than lowering walls by Wiimms SZS Tools.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2017-07-20 First release