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Avatar: Wiimaster35000vr's Avatar.jpg
Youtube: Sunny TV
Discord: sunnyyt#6933
Facebook: sunnyyt96

Hello my friends, my name is Sunny but in real life I am Menduar. I am a Mario Kart Modder, a big fan of Super Mario Galaxy and Pokémon. On my YouTube channel I play mostly Nintendo Games and try to fulfill my childhood dream of entertaining people and making them laugh with my videos.

List of my Custom Tracks

My Custom Tracks
Title Stadium Made with
Little Jungle v2.1 NikoPlays, otto, Maximiliano
Sparkly Road v2.1 Renegade Ciara
Sandcastle Park v1.2 SpyKid
Retro Raceway RC2.1 Björn and LuigiM
Chocolate Canyon v1 SpyKid and NikoPlays
Waluigi's Motocross v1.9 Björn
Galvarny Falls v2.5 Baoulettes
Majora's Castle v1.0 Björn

List of my Texture Hacks

My Texture Hacks
Title Stadium Made with
Sunset Galaxy Town (DS Delfino Square Texture) v1.0