Sparkly Road

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Sparkly Road
Creator: BrawlerJesse, LuigiM, Renegade Ciara, wiimaster35000vr
Designer: BrawlerJesse, Renegade Ciara, wiimaster35000vr
Version: v2.2
Date of latest version: 2020-03-21
Editors used: Blender, BrawlBox, SketchUp, SZS Modifier, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:
Download: Discord


Sparkly Road is a custom track created by BrawlerJesse. It is a small rainbow-themed track on the moon. LuigiM and wiimaster35000vr remade the track and fixed all bugs, while also adding animations.

In 2019, wiimaster35000vr released a remake of the track along with Renegade Ciara, who then helped make parts of the model.

Designer BrawlerJesse (v1.0)
Renegade Ciara, wiimaster35000vr (v2.1)
KMP wiimaster35000vr, LuigiM (v1.0)
KCL LuigiM (v1.0)
Renegade Ciara (v2.1)
Post-effects LuigiM (v1.0)
wiimaster35000vr (v2.1)
Course model LuigiM (v1.0)
wiimaster35000vr (v2.1)



v2.1 VS Race
v1.1 VS Race
Alpha Time Trial

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Alpha 2010-11-21 First release
Beta 2011-11-29 Second release
v1.0 2011-12-22
v1.1 2011-12-27
v1.2 2018-06-06 Update by Silverr:
  • Adjusted respawn points.
v2.0 2019-09-14 Remade from scratch.
v2.01 2019-09-19 Added secondary start position to display the finish line correctly (LE-CODE only).
v2.1 2019-11-04
v2.2 2020-03-21 Update by PhillyG:
  • Fixed key checkpoints.
  • Adjusted enemy and item routes.

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Sprankelende Weg
French: Route Étincelante (NTSC)
Route Etincelante (PAL)
German: Funkelstraße
Italian: Pista Scintillante
Japanese: スパークリーロード
Korean: 반짝 로드
Portuguese: Estrada Brilhante
Russian: Сверкающая дорога
Spanish: Senda Brillante (NTSC)
Senda Chispeante (PAL)
Greek: Αστραφτερός Δρόμος
Polish: Iskrząca Droga
Finnish: Kimaltava tie
Swedish: Gnistrande Vägen
Czech: Třpitivá Cesta
Danish: Mousserende Vejen
By the same author: LuigiM
By the same author: Renegade Ciara