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I'm a former CT creator.

Please don't make ANY modification or port any of my tracks to other games without permission.

Tracks I created or helped with
Track Initial release date Modelling software used Additional comments
Sideways Beach 2015-06-20 SketchUp (by Amk528) I was 14 and a dumbass when I initially released this.
Friandise Cookieway (with Zai) 2015-07-27 SketchUp (by Zai)
SNES Rainbow Road (v1 and v3.x alone, v2.x with Wexos) 2015-07-31 SketchUp (by Yoshi74)
Nightmare 2015-09-04 SketchUp I don't know what was going through my mind when I initially made this. A model for a remake from scratch is made, but as I quit after releasing SNES Choco Island 3, it was cancelled.
Autumn Treeway (initially with Odie5776) 2015-10-18 3ds Max (RC1, by Odie5776) and Blender (v1.0-alpha onwards, by me) This track was bad until v1.0.
DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball (with wg93589) 2016-01-29 Blender and SketchUp
Rooftop Raceway (with wg93589) 2016-02-01 SketchUp
Space Road 2016-03-18 SketchUp (v1.0 and v1.1) and Blender (v2.0 and v3.0, only the road and the big wall) v2.0 was my first Blender track.
Desert Cross 2016-04-18 SketchUp (by FunkyDude15) I kinda don't consider it mine but I started it and then FunkyDude15 took over the entire creation process.
This should be a crime, even though it was eventually released in 2021 as an April Fool's version
Rainbow Run (with wg93589) 2016-06-23 SketchUp A model for a remake from scratch is made, but as I quit after releasing SNES Choco Island 3, it was cancelled.
Troy Circuit 2016 (with Rz) 2016-06-28 SketchUp (by Yoshi74)
Illuminati Track Thing (with Rz) 2016-07-17 SketchUp (by Yoshi74)
Lava Fortress (with ALPHAMARIOX) 2016-08-23 SketchUp
Skylane (with ALPHAMARIOX) 2016-09-28 SketchUp
Rainbow Labyrinth (with Rz) 2016-10-23 SketchUp (by Rz)
Stunt Circuit (with ALPHAMARIOX) 2016-11-06 SketchUp
Little Jungle 2017-06-12 SketchUp I only made the model.
Sandy Strait 2017-07-07 SketchUp (by Putinas)
Lakeside Skyway 2018-05-25 SketchUp First completely original track modelled by me.
Dom Dom Islands 2018-07-03 Blender
Luigi Circuit 2 2020-04-02 Blender My first track where I didn't use SketchUp for anything.
SNES Choco Island 3 2023-02-07 Blender Last track.