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Due to my limitations of fully creating custom tracks, I just create models. I have a few very basic, finished tracks on my warehouse page; more will come once I get back in the hang of it/get some inspiration. They are free to use, but just make sure to give credit for the models. If you want to make one of the models into a track and have a concern or change you want made, email me. :)

Warehouse Models

Custom Tracks I Modeled

Name Status Creator
Sideways Beach v2.1 Maximiliano (With help of MrKoeikoei and KevinVG207) (Updates by Wexos and FunkyDude15)
Sinister Vault Beta SpyKid (With help of maczkopeti)

By the same author: Amk528

Custom Tracks Modeled:
Sideways BeachSinister Vault