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Hello! I'm Ermelber. I'm an Italian Mario Kart DS CT Maker and Former Mario Kart Wii CT Maker (I may still release more CT though).
I've started my CT maker career in 2012.

Custom Tracks

Here you can see my Wii CTs (in order of release).

First Period

In this period (2011/Spring 2012) I made my first CTs.

Ermelber Circuit 1

This is my first custom track. It was a test to see how SZS Modifier OBJ importer works.
This was made a lot of months before its release (in the early 2011).
The Wii version is obsolete. You can find a DS version which is way better.

Volcano Beach

This is my second Custom Track.
I started working on it with my brother after Ermelber Circuit 1 was released. The original design was like Volcano Beach 2 but due to lack of experience, we decided to delete some things that were intented to be in this version.

DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball

This is my first port from another MK game.
I ripped the model, textured it in 5 minutes and I imported it in CTools and I released it the 1st April 2012...
It could be an April Fools... but it wasn't!
This version has to be remade and maybe I will.

Second Period

Volcano Beach 2

(Summer 2012) After released DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball, I started to remake Volcano Beach model.
The final result was more similar to the original design, not like Volcano Beach 1. This was my first CT to be accepted in CTGP Revolution. From this CT, I started making better Custom Tracks. However I decided to remake this track again (see below).

DS Nokonoko Beach

(Autumn/Winter 2012) Some months later, Yoshidude4 and TurboYoshi (2 Mario Kart DS hacker) decided to make another DS Beta Port: Nokonoko Beach (a.k.a. Split Up Beach, Nokonoko Course), because the already existing one was obsolete.
I decided to help them and I took the model. I edited it a bit and I started to Vertex Color it with 3ds Max.
This is my first CT with Vertex Colours.
After some days, I made some animations and the KMP with the help of Yoshidude4 and TurboYoshi and we released it.
This is one of best DS Port. This track is accepted for the next version of CTGP Revolution.

Rockside River

(Winter 2012) Originally called Ermelber Circuit 2 because the shape of the road reminds Ermelber Circuit 1, this is one of my best done CT.
I first made the DS Model in Summer 2012.
It was meant to be an exclusive Mario Kart CW Revived CT, but the project was dead and I decided to edit the model and I ported it to Mario Kart Wii.
This track features some Vertex Colours and nice animations (Waterfall, Sea...).

Sunset Raceway

(Spring 2013) After some months, Ray (A MKDS CT Maker) decided to give his MKDS CT models to the people, to make MKWii CTs from them.
So I decided to take "Sunset Raceway" model and I added some elements to make it look nicer.
Maybe this is the track that took me less time than the others but the result is almost perfect! I'm planning to make a v2 which fixes KCL (I'll put a sticky road on the "hill" with boosts) and minor glitches.

Volcano Beach 3

(Summer 2013) 1-2 months later, I made Volcano Beach Reborn, a remake of Volcano Beach 1+2 for MKDS (It contains elements from both Wii versions)
A lot of people liked this remake and they asked me to remake this to MKWii. I decided to do more than this, so, after 1 month from Volcano Beach Reborn release I started to work on a new remake of this track: Volcano Beach 3.
This track will feature animations, vertex colors, an hotel (instead of the roof from VB2 or the "random Hallway from VBR" [Quote: zilly]) and a fully remade underwater pipe with Shallow Water (like in Koopa Cape).
I'm sure it's my best CT so far. [citation needed]

N64 Kalimari Desert

Immediately after I released Volcano Beach 3 I decided to work on some other kind of custom tracks.
I started to make a better port of N64 Kalimari Desert with zilly. This is also my first CT to support shadow maps. It also features custom train objects. I did the model and zilly did the KMP (train routes, enemy routes...).

N64 Moo Moo Farm

(Autumn 2013) Yoshidude4 decided to make a better port of this MK64 course. He ported the model from MKDS and he added some elements from Moo Moo Meadows. I helped him with Vertex Colors, Shadow maps and various other things like KCL and KMP.

GCN Yoshi Circuit

(December 2013) During N64 Kalimari Desert development, thanks to Baoulettes I got a working MaxBMD script (which can import BMDs to 3ds max). So, I decided to port Yoshi Circuit from MKDD (because the existing version were obsolete/incomplete).

Last Period (End of MKWii CT Career)

Icecream Sweetland v2

(January-February 2014) I decided to re-remake Icecream Sweetland, but this time I made a totally new model with shadow maps, vertex colors and so on... The gameplay is also better. You can find it here.

Unreleased MKWii CTs

  • DS Bowser Castle (made with Yoshidude4)
  • Ermelber City (remade for Ermii Kart DS)

Full Projects

As far as I finished with MKWii CTs, I decided to focus on MKDS Hacking, thing I still do today (December 2017).

Ermii Kart DS

My full Mario Kart DS Hack. The project started in 2014 and is still unfinished.

This hack includes new characters, tracks and a bunch of ASM Hacks.

You can find more information here.


  • Twitter: @ermelber
  • Discord: Ermelber#2370