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Luke Chandler
Avatar: Luke Chandler Profile Picture.jpg
Twitter : The_Chands
Discord : Luke Chandler#9925
YouTube : Luke Chandler

It's Me

What's poppin'. Luke Chandler here, I'm making custom tracks and such. Below is all the stuff I've done so far. You can use any of my tracks in packs and such, but please lemme know if you're planning to update them in any way.

Any of my custom objects (e.g. Fork Chef in Luncheon Tour) can be used no problem.

Feel free to add me on Discord or contact me on Twitter if you'd like help with something, I'll try my best.

Current Projects

  • Sorta, nothing. Updating other tracks where possible.

Future Plans

  • Attempt to port a Rollcage or Rollcage Stage 2 course into Mario Kart Wii, or remake from scratch.
  • A remake of a Vanilla Lake 1 in a new style.
  • A Jet Set Radio themed level based on Shibuya-cho and Benten-cho. It will feature original textures from the Dreamcast game. I'll likely call it Tokyo-To Metro, Tokyo-To is the name of Jet Set Radio's city locale (lack of suitable ideas means this is on hold for now).
  • Whatever appears in my brain.