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Avatar: MrFluffy's Profile Picture.jpg
Country: United States
YouTube: MrFluffy
Discord: mrfluffy_lumpy

Howdy, I'm MrFluffy! I make custom tracks. My goal with designing tracks is to make them visually appealing and enjoyable for all skill levels.

I started making Mario Kart Wii custom track Sketchup models back in 2011, and although none of these old models were ever made playable, I enjoyed making them. I took a break from making tracks for a few years, but with better creation tools and tutorials, I resumed making custom tracks in 2018, and I released my first track in 2020.

Custom Tracks

Tracks on v1.0 or beyond are essentially complete to me. I only plan on doing bug fixes and minor adjustments to these courses as needed.

Track Initial Release Current Version Current Release Type
Camp Kartigan 2020-05-04 v1.3 2022-05-12 Original Design
Wii U Dolphin Shoals 2020-06-01 v1.1 2020-08-07 Retro
Spectral Station 2020-07-11 v1.1 2020-08-07 Original Design
Quaking Mad Cliffs 2020-10-14 v1.1 2023-05-10 Original Design
Super Marine World 2021-07-19 v1.1 2021-12-23 Original Design
Bowser Jr.'s Fort 2022-05-12 v1.2 2022-12-25 Remake
Lumpy's Lively Lair 2022-09-06 v1.1 2024-02-29 Original Design
Bluster Blob Bluff 2023-12-31 v1.1 2024-04-11 Original Design


  • Do not update or make alternate versions of my custom tracks without my permission.
  • Do not remake or port my tracks without my permission.
  • Do not use models and textures I have made for my tracks without my permission.