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Heyo! I'm TL. If you are an aspiring CT creator, check out my CT tutorial playlist on my youtube channel. Feel free to contact me in the CTGP server: or DM via TL#6264. Absolutely happy to give help or advice.

Back in the day I used to demake MKWii tracks, but now I have found my inspiration for long form, more polished CTs.

For the distribution people out there: Feel free to put any of my tracks in your pack, and feel free to make small edits. Please talk to me about larger edits -- I will almost certainly say yes; I just want to have eyes on it

For the CT creators out there: Feel free to take any and all assets from my tracks. Unless the credit is elsewhere, in which case, contact them.

Fun fact: Coffee Toffee is my sibling -- We have a good relationship: I make the layouts, they make the difficult models. Win Win.