Desert Castle Raceway

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Not to be confused with Castle Raceway, Desert Raceway and Peach's Castle Raceway, three more custom tracks with similar names.
Desert Castle Raceway
Author: lgmb
Version: v1.8
Date of latest version: 2020-09-16
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, KMP Cloud, KMP Modifier, SketchUp, SZS Modifier, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:
Download: acaruso's Archive


Desert Castle Raceway is a custom track created by lgmb. It is a long track placed in a desert. This starts in a stony castle, then it goes into a highway with cars and trucks up to a certain point. After that, there is a sandy part near the castle with some ramps, a lake, a bridge, and a part in the castle with a loop and many boost panels. A cannon then leads to a temple (formerly a cloudy road similar to Volcanic Skyway 4 prior to v1.7) and the lap is finished after making a few more jumps.

Slot Information

This track will only work on slots 3.1 and 7.1 because of the object sunDS.



v1.8 VS Race
v1.5 VS Race
v1.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2015-03-24 First release
v1.1 2015-07-14
  • Simplified castle interior.
  • Edited course model, minimap, KMP, and KCL.
v1.1.ctgp 2015-09-23 Update by MrBean35000vr:
  • Fixed unintended shortcut.
v1.2 2015-09-23
  • Fixed unintended shortcut and other KCL bugs.
  • Edited KMP.
v1.3 2015-10-11
  • Fixed KCL.
  • Added two new objects.
  • Fixed a bug with the truck object.
  • Fixed a cannon position.
  • Lowered texture sizes.
v1.3.ctgp 2015-10-21 Update by MrBean35000vr:
  • Added a key checkpoint.
v1.4 2017-04-04
  • Changed a model part.
  • Added vertex colors.
  • Added a shortcut area.
  • Further simplified castle interior.
  • Fixed Slow Motion Bug.
  • Remade KCL.
  • Removed a car object.
  • Fixed item routes.
  • Added WLscreenGC.
v1.5 2017-05-28
  • Edited KCL.
  • Added new objects.
  • Improved course model.
  • Edited vertex colors.
  • Fixed KMP.
  • Reduced Slow Motion Bug.
v1.6 2018-02-10
  • Added new objects.
  • Edited KMP.
  • Reduced course model and object files.
v1.7 2018-12-23
  • Changed a course model part.
  • Added a little shortcut area.
  • Remade KCL.
  • Edited camera.
  • Edited item box positions.
v1.7fix 2019-06-15 Fixed KCL.
v1.8 2020-09-16 Update by zatchi and Riidefi:
  • Improved KCL.
  • Improved item routes.
  • Changed pole position to the left side.
  • Updated course model.
  • Edited post-effects.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Woestijnkasteel-Racebaan
French: Autodrome Désertique Royale
German: Sandschloss-Rennpiste
Italian: Pista del Castello Desertico
Japanese: さばくキャッスルレースウェイ
Korean: -
Portuguese: Pista do Castelo Desértico
Russian: Трасса пустынного замка
Spanish: Pista del Castillo Desértico
Greek: Δρόμος Κάστρου της Ερήμου
Polish: Tor Pustynnego Zamku
Finnish: Aavikkolinnan ajotie
Swedish: Ökenslottsracerbanan
Czech: Pouštní Hradová Závodiště
Danish: -