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Regarding the usage of my files

You may use any of my files for your own mods, but please give proper credit and ask me for confirmation in case you want to make any modification based on them.

Avatar: Atlas's Profile Picture.png
Discord: atlasomegaalpha
Twitter: @AtlasOmegaAlpha
YouTube: AtlasOmegaAlpha
Old Mario Kart Wii FC (2009-2013): 0302-4583-9775
Current Mario Kart Wii FC (with OpenHost): 1251-5424-7277

Hello, my name is Atlas. I'm mostly known for my videos in my YouTube channel.

I am an experienced and experimental Mario Kart Wii/Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe modder, programmer and administrator from this Wiki. I like documenting and testing new stuff, specially discovering how file formats work, as well as creating my own tools for them. I've got certain interest in coding for Mario Kart Wii as well, and thus I'm learning much more about how the game works internally. However, I'm investing most of my time into working in different projects, such as the Translation Project and others outside of the MKW community. Currently, I'm in a game design career and thus I'm not spending as much time as before in the modding scene, since I'm too busy studying and working on new projects.


WHackR is a Wiimmfi region specially made for hackers, where they are free to use cheats without the risk of getting banned.

I'm probably one of the few players who enjoyed using cheats and showcasing diverse hacks online for fun. I've had my good times hacking online in 2013, and I've always wanted to get those memories back. Since it's not allowed to use cheats in the new server, Wiimmfi, I made a modification of a file from the game that allowed you to connect to a special region where you can only meet other hackers, and cheat safely without ruining legit players. At first, I decided to call this region "47145" (note that this number reads as "ATLAS"), which would have used this same region number. At the time this region number wasn't allowed as a valid Wiimmfi region, so I decided to change the name to WHackR (Wiimmfi Hacker Region), which currently uses the region number 191. This region is also accessible via code, which you can find in the following video's description.

Official announcement and release

Past works in the MKW scene

I made a lot of custom textures, characters and other mods in the past. It all started way back in 2013, when I first got into hacking MKW. Later that year, I learned how to make simple textures, and during 2014 to 2019 I started experimenting with the then unknown file formats, I learned simple programming in C# and I started making my own tools to modify these files. Much of the documentation about these files are now here on this Wiki.

I also made several mod packs that contained many of my mods. These packs, known as AKW (AVD Kart Wii), were special since you had to find the files yourself through a maze of files and puzzles. Most of my latest mods remain private due to some controversies in the past, but I also released stuff from time to time when I felt like doing so. Nowadays, I'm more open to sharing these mods since I want others to enjoy them. Unfortunately, many of these mods are either lost somewhere in my HDD between thousands of other files, or completely gone.

About Custom Tracks, I put most of my work into porting tracks from other games. Most of my ports are from Mario Kart 7.

I used to take mod requests that people wanted me to create in exchange of money, specially, custom characters. Currently, I'm not taking any requests, but I'm still helping other mod creators in their process of creating new mods, for free. Feel free to contact me via Discord or join my Mario Kart Hacking & Modding Discord server if you need any help with your mods. Please keep in mind that I might not be able to help you if I'm busy, but other people in the server may do so.


AVSYS or Atlas Vryzas System is a development environment which contains tools I use to mod games, as well as documentation, templates and other utilities. It contains my own set of tools, as well as other common public tools, plus programs and source code from Wexos, who has helped me a lot in programming during the years.


This is my software's own signature. It stands for Atlas Vryzas Software, and you may see it on my tools.


In 2016 I started organising all my work into project packs. These packs contain everything I worked on over each year, including mods for Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8/Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey; as well as source code and documentation for my own research.


This is the first project pack I made. Its development started in May 2016 and finished the 31st of December 2017. The pack contains all the stuff I made since its start until 2018. I first had plans to release part of it, but I ended up releasing some of the mods individually.


This project started right away at the start of the year 2018 and finished in January 2019. The pack's structure is pretty similar to the previous one, although it contains more stuff from Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and from other non-Mario Kart games, such as Super Mario Odyssey.


The third project pack was compiled with a new set of tools. Development started in January 2019 and finished in January 2020. Its structure is more organised than the previous one, and contains other external works for my career as well.


This project contains everything I've made in 2020. Solidified past year's structure and better categorization overall.


This project contains mostly Unity projects, Blender scenes and documentation from my 3D anim/design course and my own research from 2021, barely anything related to MKW.