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Author: Atlas
Operating Systems: Windows
Programming language: C#
Software Type: Converter
File Formats: BFG, SCN0, TXT
Current Version: v1.0
Download: Google Drive

FogConv is a tool developed by Atlas that allows the conversion of Mario Kart Wii BFG fog files. The purpose of this tool was not only to convert the files to edit them easier, but you can now get a SCN0 file and preview it in BrawlBox, which is useful for custom track creation.


Click the buttons to convert the files. It is possible to convert from BFG to SCN0, from SCN0 to BFG, from BFG to TXT and from TXT to BFG.


When you convert a BFG to SCN0, you will also get a VBFGA file, if your BFG has attributes. This file is only needed to create later a BFG again from the edited SCN0, since SCN0 does not support the BFG attributes.

Previewing the SCN0 in BrawlBox

You can preview the SCN0 files in BrawlBox by importing the converted SCN0 into the BRRES file of the course model. Then, you open the previewer (Ctrl + P) and choose SCN0 animations from the list. Then, you select the fogs tab in this SCN0 and it will preview the fogs in the model.


  • It is recommended to use the latest version of BrawlBox.
  • If you can't preview the course model correctly, rescale the model's root bone to 0.01, and do the same with the SCN0 fog values.
  • If you can't select the fogs tab in the previewer, add a new lightset to the SCN0 temporally.


Preview of Bowser's Castle's course model without fog preview in BrawlBox
Preview of Bowser's Castle's course model with fog preview in BrawlBox

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2017-02-11 First release