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RKG Viewer
Author: Atlas
Operating Systems: Windows
Programming language: C#
Software Type: Viewer, editor
File Formats: RKG
Current Version: v2.2
Download: Google Drive

RKG Viewer is a program developed by Atlas that allows the preview of Mario Kart Wii RKG ghost files. It shows a lot of information from the ghost data, like the character/vehicle combination used, the total time of the ghost (with its lap time splits), the Mii data and much more. It also has some functions, like extracting the Mii file, compressing/uncompressing ghosts and converting ghosts into staff ghosts (this is not possible with CTGP ghosts). There is also a controller input viewer.

The second version of the program also features compatibility with ghosts from tracks up to 8 laps. CTGP Revolution Ghost Data information was also added in this version.

The program uses CTMKF to show the Mii names. However, this may not work in all computers. If it doesn't work, try installing the font. You can also switch the font to normal (in the Utilities tab), but then it won't show the special symbols.

This tool was released along with rksys.dat Extractor, made by the same author, which allows the extraction of RKG files from the save data file rksys.dat.


Open or drag and drop a RKG file into the program. Most buttons have text tips when you leave the cursor over them, and they show some information or help.


Preview of the CTGP extended ghost information window


  • Wexos, who created the Yaz1, Mii and CRC-32 classes used in this program. He also helped with some coding.
  • Chadderz, for his font, CTMKF.
  • MrBean35000vr, for providing some CTGP Revolution Ghost Data information (v2.0 onwards).
  • Syara, for his LAP 1-8 graphics (v2.2 onwards).

Version History

Version Date of release Information
2016-11-06 Start of development
v1.0 2016-12-28 First release
v2.0 2017-04-14
  • Added compatibility for tracks with a range of 1 to 8 laps.
  • Added CTGP Ghost Data information utility.
  • Fixed bug when clicking the switch font button for a second time the first font is not returned.
  • Bigger program icon.
  • Minor layout arranges.
v2.1 2017-06-22 Fixed a bug where the program stops working after reaching frame 240 in the player for some ghosts.
v2.2 2019-06-15
  • Added a feature to remove CTGP Ghost Data extra information.
  • Improved some layout images.
  • Minor text changes.