Patch that BRSAR!

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BRSAR Extractor
Author: Atlas
Operating Systems: Windows
Programming language: C#
Software Type: Patcher
File Formats: BRSAR
Current Version: v1.0
Download: AVSYS

Patch that BRSAR! or PTB is a tool developed by Atlas that allows patching all the BRSTM entries from Wii BRSAR files, to make the music not to cut off. It was made way back in 2016 and it was kept private, but the author decided to release it a year later.


Open or drag and drop a BRSAR file into the program to patch all the BRSTM entries. You can also set the program for opening BRSAR files as default, this way, you only need to double click the file to patch it.


Currently no media


  • It will take longer to patch bigger files, so be patient.
  • This tool will automatically patch all the entries to their maximum size. This does not mean it will fix the cut off from BRSTMs which require multiple channels but do not have them.
  • If using with CTGP Revolution, make sure to disable the Automatic BRSAR Patching function.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2017-07-18 First release