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CTGP Revolution
Authors: MrBean35000vr and Chadderz
Type: Riivolution
Wii IDs: CTGx01
Tracks: 128 custom tracks,
32 original tracks
Battles: Not functional
Vehicles: All original vehicles
Version: v1.01.0000
Release: 2011-12-27
Website: chadsoft.co.uk
Download: Google Docs

CTGP Revolution is an expansion to and the direct successor of CTGP 2.8 and CTGP 4.4. It is a Custom Track Distribution created by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz. It is released as a Riivolution distribution. The CTGP Revolution pack continues the CTGP 4.4 trend of using custom course slots to load custom tracks, and is the first distribution to use a modified menu system to load tracks. The distribution supports the PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J versions of Mario Kart Wii.

The predecessor is CTGP Revolution v1.0.

This page describes the outdated version 1.01.0000. You find the most current version here.




This track listing is presented as temporary and may be subject to change. A list of new tracks that are ready to be included but are not yet included, and tracks that need fixing to be included can be found on the track wishlist.

Certain tracks have been modified for online stability.

It currently obeys the track order of CTGP Revolution v1.01.0000.

Track Listing

Cup Track Author Music ID Slot ID Special Slot ID File Name
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit Nintendo 75 8 8 beginner_course.szs
Moo Moo Meadows Nintendo 77 1 1 farm_course.szs
Mushroom Gorge Nintendo 79 2 2 kinoko_course.szs
Toad's Factory Nintendo 7B 4 4 factory_course.szs
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit Nintendo 7D 0 0 castle_course.szs
Coconut Mall Nintendo 7F 5 5 shopping_course.szs
DK Summit Nintendo 81 6 6 boardcross_course.szs
Wario's Gold Mine Nintendo 83 7 7 truck_course.szs
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit Nintendo 87 9 9 senior_course.szs
Koopa Cape Nintendo 85 F F water_course.szs
Maple Treeway Nintendo 8F B B treehouse_course.szs
Grumble Volcano Nintendo 8B 3 3 volcano_course.szs
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins Nintendo 89 E E desert_course.szs
Moonview Highway Nintendo 8D A A ridgehighway_course.szs
Bowser's Castle Nintendo 91 C C koopa_course.szs
Rainbow Road Nintendo 93 D D rainbow_course.szs
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach Nintendo A5 10 10 old_peach_gc.szs
DS Yoshi Falls Nintendo AD 14 14 old_falls_ds.szs
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Nintendo 97 19 19 old_obake_sfc.szs
N64 Mario Raceway Nintendo 9F 1A 1A old_mario_64.szs
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land Nintendo 9D 1B 1B old_sherbet_64.szs
GBA Shy Guy Beach Nintendo 95 1F 1F old_heyho_gba.szs
DS Delfino Square Nintendo AF 17 17 old_town_ds.szs
GCN Waluigi Stadium Nintendo A9 12 12 old_waluigi_gc.szs
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills Nintendo B1 15 15 old_desert_ds.szs
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Nintendo 9B 1E 1E old_koopa_gba.szs
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Nintendo A1 1D 1D old_donkey_64.szs
GCN Mario Circuit Nintendo A7 11 11 old_mario_gc.szs
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Nintendo 99 18 18 old_mario_sfc.szs
DS Peach Gardens Nintendo B3 16 16 old_garden_ds.szs
GCN DK Mountain Nintendo AB 13 13 old_donkey_gc.szs
N64 Bowser's Castle Nintendo A3 1C 1C old_koopa_64.szs
CTGP Revolution Blooper Cup.png
Blooper Cup
GBA Lakeside Park igorseabra4  ?? 6F 1F 6F.szs
GBA Cheep Cheep Island MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 70 1F 70.szs
ASDF_Course Guilmon35249vr 9F 4D 1A asdf_course.szs
Space Road khacker35000vr 8D 4B A space_road.szs
CTGP Revolution Mega Mushroom Cup.png
Mega Mushroom Cup
Sunset Forest Luigi45000vr 75 52 2 sunset_forest.szs
Sunset Desert BigOto2 89 5F 15 NewCT1.szs
Kartwood Creek Jughead870 A7 56 11 kartwood_creek.szs
Haunted Woods thondam 97 54 6 haunted_woods.szs
CTGP Revolution Thundercloud Cup.png
Thundercloud Cup
GBA Riverside Park MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 69  ?? NewCTB.szs
SNES Choco Island 2 MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 71  ?? 71.szs
Jungle Safari metaknight2550  ?? 4F  ?? jungle_safari.szs
Beagle Plains Scye  ?? 72  ?? 72.szs
CTGP Revolution POW Cup.png
DS Figure-8 Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 73  ?? 73.szs
N64 Yoshi Valley MKDasher  ?? 5A  ?? n64_yoshi_valley.szs
DS Waluigi Pinball MKDasher  ?? 66  ?? NewCT8.szs
GCN Daisy Cruiser MKDasher A5 74  ?? 74.szs
CTGP Revolution Bob-omb Cup.png
Bob-omb Cup
GBA Bowser Castle 4 W-K Tim  ?? 65  ?? NewCT7.szs
Illusion Canyon igorseabra4 89 6C  ?? NewCTE.szs
DS Wario Stadium MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 75  ?? 75.szs
Wario's Lair thondam  ?? 53  ?? warios_lair.szs
CTGP Revolution Fake Item Cup.png
Fake Item Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 1 MKDasher  ?? 47  ?? snes_mario_circuit_1.szs
Green Hill Zone Meep and mk255o  ?? 4C  ?? green_hill_zone.szs
Sunset Circuit Vulcanus2 AD 76  ?? 76.szs
DS Cheep Cheep Beach MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 77  ?? 77.szs
CTGP Revolution Golden Mushroom Cup.png
Golden Mushroom Cup
GCN Yoshi Circuit Teknik Kart Wii Team 75 6A 1A 6A.szs
Goldwood Forest igorseabra4 8F 78  ?? 78.szs
N64 Royal Raceway jimbo3390  ?? 59  ?? n64_royal_raceway.szs
Putt Putt Raceway MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 79  ?? 79.szs
CTGP Revolution Spring Cup.png
Spring Cup
DS Airship Fortress MKDasher  ?? 5B  ?? ds_airship_fortress.szs
Bowser Jr.'s Fort Vulcanus2 9B 62  ?? NewCT4.szs
N64 Choco Mountain igorseabra4 81 67 6 NewCT9.szs
Star Slope igorseabra4 A9 6B D NewCTD.szs
CTGP Revolution Fireball Cup.png
Fireball Cup
Thwomp Cave khacker35000vr 9B 46 1E thwomp_cave.szs
SNES Bowser Castle 2 MKDasher  ?? 44  ?? snes_bowser_castle_2.szs
GCN Bowser's Castle Baoulettes 91 64 C NewCT6.szs
Incendia Castle MrBean35000vr and Chadderz 8B 51 3 incendia_castle.szs
CTGP Revolution Red Shell Cup.png
Red Shell Cup
Lavaflow Volcano metaknight2550  ?? 7A 3 7A.szs
Unnamed Valley Scye  ?? 7B  ?? 7B.szs
Pipe Underworld BigOto2  ?? 7C 3 7C.szs
Beach Gardens igorseabra4 87 7D 10 7D.szs
CTGP Revolution Blue Shell Cup.png
Blue Shell Cup
Thunder City BigOto2 8D 7E  ?? 7E.szs
Lunar Speedway BigOto2 93 60 D NewCT2.szs
N64 Banshee Boardwalk Baoulettes & Teknik 97 68 19 NewCTA.szs
Fishdom Island BigOto2 85 57  ?? fishdom_island.szs
CTGP Revolution Bullet Bill Cup.png
Bullet Bill Cup
SM64 Whomp's Fortress Reedy94  ?? 7F  ?? 7F.szs
Punch City HelloImYourMind 8f 80 B 80.szs
Delfino Island Vulcanus2 B5 6E  ?? NewCTG.szs
Six King Labyrinth MrBean35000vr and Chadderz A3 5C D six_king_labyrinth129.szs
CTGP Revolution Chain Chomp Cup.png
Chain Chomp Cup
GCN Luigi Circuit Torran  ?? 81  ?? 81.szs
Chomp Canyon 4TLPati  ?? 82  ?? 82.szs
Chomp Valley MrBean35000vr and Chadderz B3 41 16 chomp_valley.szs (chomp_valley+fix.szs)
Daisy's Palace Vulcanus2 8F 61  ?? NewCT3.szs
CTGP Revolution Mii Outfit C Cup.png
Mii Outfit C Cup
Codename: BIGBOX Guilmon35249vr  ?? 45  ?? codename_bigbox.szs
Luigi's Island Luigi45000vr  ?? 4E  ?? luigis_island.szs
GBA Cheep Cheep Island ARM1  ?? 48 1F gba_cheep_cheep_island.szs
Rezway Trent Rez  ?? 55  ?? rezway.szs
CTGP Revolution Poison Mushroom Cup.png
Poison Mushroom Cup
Desert Mushroom Ruins 4TLPati  ?? 83  ?? 83.szs
Yoshi Lagoon Yoshiller  ?? 63  ?? NewCT5.szs
GCN Wario Colosseum MKDasher  ?? 84  ?? 84.szs
Mushroom Peaks MrBean35000vr and Chadderz 79 40 2 mushroom_peaks.szs
CTGP Revolution Ice Flower Cup.png
Ice Flower Cup
Penguin Canyon Sealseal  ?? 50  ?? penguin_canyon.szs
Northpole Slide metaknight2550  ?? 49  ?? northpole_slide.szs
Icy Mountains Thiruon  ?? 92  ?? 92.szs
GCN Sherbet Land Tock 9D 8B 1B 8B.szs
CTGP Revolution Propellor Cup.png
Propellor Cup
GBA Sky Garden MKDasher  ?? 5E  ?? gba_sky_garden.szs
FZMV Cloud Carpet Scye  ?? 87  ?? 87.szs
Volcanic Skyway (RC1) BigOto2  ?? 6D 15 NewCTF.szs
Volcanic Skyway (RC3) BigOto2  ?? 88 15 88.szs
CTGP Revolution Hammer Bro Cup.png
Hammer Bro Cup
Thwomp Desert Scye  ?? 90  ?? 90.szs
Desert Bone Putinas  ?? 8C  ?? 8C.szs
Stronghold Castle HelloImYourMind 8B 8A 3 8A.szs
Bowser's Fortress MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? 8D  ?? 8D.szs
CTGP Revolution Wiggler Cup.png
Wiggler Cup
GBA Ribbon Road DemyxIX  ?? 98 1F 98.szs
DS Luigi's Mansion 4TLPati  ?? 93  ?? 93.szs
DK Jungle Tour HelloImYourMind  ?? 8E  ?? 8E.szs
Rocky Cliff MrApple35000VR  ?? 9B  ?? 9B.szs
CTGP Revolution Penguin Suit Cup.png
Penguin Suit Cup
DS Nokonoko Beach EC2Joshi  ?? 96  ?? 96.szs
DS Mario Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7 and AndyK  ?? 99  ?? 99.szs
Faraway Land Guilmon35249vr AD 97 11 97.szs
Icy Vulcan Valley 4TLPati and EC2Joshi  ?? 85  ?? 85.szs
CTGP Revolution Bee Mushroom Cup.png
Bee Mushroom Cup
GBA Sky Garden EC2Joshi  ?? 95  ?? 95.szs
Sky Courtyard HelloImYourMind AD 8F 14 8F.szs
Icy Mountaintop Guilmon35249vr C7 86 6 86.szs
GBA Cheese Land igorseabra4  ?? 9C  ?? 9C.szs
CTGP Revolution Rock Mushroom Cup.png
Rock Mushroom Cup
Dry Coast Putinas  ?? 94  ?? 94.szs
SNES Bowser Castle 3 Tock 9B 9A 1E 9A.szs
Underground Sky EC2Joshi  ?? 91  ?? 91.szs
Misty Ruins Vulcanus2 79 9D 2 9D.szs
CTGP Revolution 1UP Cup.png
1UP Cup
Snowy Circuit Putinas  ?? 9E  ?? 9E.szs
Water Island LuigiCTGPMaster  ?? 9F  ?? 9F.szs
Calidae Desert Bjorn  ?? A0  ?? A0.szs
N64 Kalimari Desert Captain Kwark  ?? A1  ?? A1.szs
CTGP Revolution Feather Cup.png
Feather Cup
SNES Rainbow Road Tock 93 A2 D A2.szs
Kinoko Cave igorseabra4  ?? A3  ?? A3.szs
GCN Baby Park MRbuttCHINSx11T7 75 A4  ?? A4.szs
Rainbow Dash Road Guilmon35249vr  ?? A5 D A5.szs
CTGP Revolution Shine Sprite Cup.png
Shine Sprite Cup
GBA Bowser Castle 1 MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? A6  ?? A6.szs
Thwomp Factory igorseabra4  ?? A7  ?? A7.szs
Green Grassroad YellowYoshi  ?? A8  ?? A8.szs
Mikoopa's Citadel Guilmon35249vr  ?? A9 C A9.szs
CTGP Revolution Yoshi Egg Cup.png
Yoshi Egg Cup
GBA Mario Circuit MrX8991  ?? BB  ?? BB.szs
Rezway 2 Trent Rez, Jefe  ?? AB  ?? AB.szs
Sunset Ridge Vulcanus2, BigOto2 79 B2 2 B2.szs
N64 Moo Moo Farm Captain Kwark  ?? B7  ?? B7.szs
CTGP Revolution Stone Tanooki Cup.png
Stone Tanooki Cup
Stone Route YellowYoshi  ?? BC  ?? BC.szs
Snowy Circuit 2 Putinas  ?? AA  ?? AA.szs
Helado Mountain HelloImYourMind  ?? B5  ?? B5.szs
Christmas Dream iNelom  ?? BD  ?? BD.szs
CTGP Revolution Birdo Egg Cup.png
Birdo Egg Cup
Tree Circuit YellowYoshi  ?? B9  ?? B9..szs
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach Captain Kwark, Wiimm  ?? B3  ?? B3.szs
Sandcastle Park wiimaster35000vr, SpyKid  ?? B6  ?? B6.szs
Mushroom Valley EC2Joshi  ?? BA  ?? BA.szs
CTGP Revolution Bowser Shell Cup.png
Bowser Shell Cup
Punch City 2 HelloImYourMind  ?? AC  ?? AC.szs
GCN Mushroom City Torran and Guilmon35249vr  ?? AD  ?? AD.szs
Coastal Island Shastca, YellowYoshi  ?? B4  ?? B4.szs
Silly Circuit YellowYoshi  ?? C1  ?? C1.szs
CTGP Revolution Metal Mushroom Cup.png
Metal Mushroom Cup
F-Zero Big Blue Jefe  ?? AE  ?? AE.szs
F-Zero White Land 1 Jefe  ?? AF  ?? AF.szs
Sparkly Road BrawlerJesse, LuigiM, Wiimaster35000vr  ?? BE  ?? BE.szs
N64 Frappe Snowland Captain Kwark  ?? C0  ?? C0.szs
CTGP Revolution Luigi Fireball Cup.png
Luigi Fireball Cup
GBA Luigi Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7  ?? B8  ?? B8.szs
Rooster Island Jefe  ?? B0  ?? B0.szs
Petite Park Baoulettes and co. 75 BF 08 BF.szs
N64 Rainbow Road - Lunar Edition BigOto2  ?? B1  ?? B1.szs
CTGP Revolution Rainbow Cup.png
Rainbow Cup
SNES Rainbow Road MrBean35000vr and Chadderz 93 4A D snes_rainbow_road.szs
GBA Rainbow Road MKDasher and MrBean35000vr 93 5D D gba_rainbow_road.szs
GCN Rainbow Road MKDasher  ?? 58  ?? gcn_rainbow_road.szs
SNES Rainbow Road Teknik 93 89 D 89.szs
Miscellaneous Galaxy Colosseum Nintendo C9 36 36
Winning Run Demo Nintendo  ?? 37 37
Loser Demo Nintendo  ?? 38 38
Draw Demo Nintendo  ?? 39 39
Ending Demo Nintendo  ?? 3A 3A

Version History

Version Date of release Tracks Information
CTGP 2.8 2010-10-12 28 Tracks First release
CTGP 4.4 2011-03-01 44 Tracks
  • [add] 16 new tracks
CTGP Revolution v1.00.0000 2011-10-02 104 Tracks
  • [add] 60 new tracks
  • [change] Wi-Fi time limit to 5:40
  • [add] Ghost Blocking
  • [add] Custom Menu System
CTGP Revolution v1.01.0001 2011-12-27 128 Tracks
  • [add] CTWW
  • [add] 24 new tracks
CTGP Revolution v1.02.0003 2012-09-30 184 Tracks
  • [delete] Nintendo tracks in CTWW
  • [add] 56 new tracks
  • [add] Draggable Blue Shell
  • [add] Wi-Fi Timer
  • [add] Speedometer
  • [add] Random Selection
  • [fix] Demo Videos
  • [fix] Multiplayer bug
CTGP Revolution v1.03 2014-01-12 216 Tracks
  • [add] Homebrew Application to launch
  • [add] CTGP-R Channel
    • Cup/Course Organiser
    • Lap Count & Speed Modification
    • Automatic Updates
    • Automatic BRSAR Patching
  • [add] Cheat Protection
  • [add] 64 new tracks
  • [add] Character Changer
  • [add] Countdown Mode (in v1.03.0040)
  • [add] Custom Server Support (in v1.03.0050)
  • [add] LAN Multiplayer (in v1.03.0058)
  • [add] Item Rain (in v1.03.0058)
  • [add] High Data Rate in friend rooms (in v1.03.0058)
  • [fix] Random Selection bugs
  • [fix] Old track bugs
  • [remove] 32 outdated tracks
  • [remove] Riivolution support

Special Features

Below are listed special features that are included in this distribution.

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Custom Menu System Chadderz This distribution is the first to make use of custom menus to load custom course slots. The cup selection menu is modified with two buttons featuring arrows to the left and right of the main cups. When selected, these buttons cause the current on-screen cup buttons to be replaced with other cups, including custom cups, creating a scrolling menu system. All custom tracks are stored inside custom cups
Custom Tracks Worldwide XeR This distribution is capable of searching for random players to play custom tracks with. When running the pack, simply press the Regional/Continental button (which is renamed to Custom Tracks Worldwide) to search for custom track players. You can also join your friends who are playing CTWW, and they can join you. This feature is currently experimental, but seems to be working correctly. Please note that you run the risk of ban when using this feature, however no bans have been reported to date.
Ghost Blocking mdmwii The game will not save ghosts at all in order to try to prevent save data corruption and accidental overwriting of ghosts. Personal leaderboards are also not updated. This feature is only temporary as future releases will support ghost data saving in a much more secure way.
Wi-Fi Time Limit Expansion Chadderz This distribution makes a modification to the race time limit on Wi-Fi. It has been expanded from 5 minutes to 5:40, allowing longer tracks to be entered and played through to completion. The game has another hard limit of 5:56 before it disconnects everyone, so it is impractical to increase the time beyond 5:40, as the time advances even when looking at leaderboards. If 5:40 is reached, the pack forces you past the leaderboards quickly to avoid disconnection.
By the same author: Chadderz