Lavaflow Volcano

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This article is about the original track. For the newer version also by metaknight2550, see Lavaflow Volcano II.

Lavaflow Volcano is a custom track originally created by metaknight2550.

Currently, there are two versions available:

List of available WBZ files:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Lavastroom Vulkaan
French: Volcan Actif
German: Lavafluss-Vulkan
Italian: Vulcano Flusso di Lava
Japanese: ラバフローボルケーノ
Korean: 용암흐름 화산
Portuguese: Vulcão Lavafluída
Russian: Вулканический поток
Spanish: Volcán Lavafluída (NTSC)
Volcán Lavífluo (PAL)
Greek: Ηφαίστειο Ροής Λάβας
Polish: Wulkaniczny Przepływ
Finnish: Laavavirran tulivuori
Swedish: Lavavulkanen
Czech: Lávotekoucí Sopka
Danish: Lavavulkanen