Space Road

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This article is about the custom track. For the texture hack, see Space Road (Wario's Gold Mine Texture).
Not to be confused with 79T Space Road, a custom track with a similar name made by SlipperyMac.

Space Road is a custom track originally made by kHacker35000vr.

Currently, there are two versions available:

List of available WBZ files:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Ruimtebaan
French: Route Spaciale
German: Weltraumstraße
Italian: Strada Spaziale
Japanese: スペースロード
Korean: 우주 로드
Portuguese: Estrada Espacial
Russian: Трасса Космос
Spanish: Senda Espacial
Greek: Διαστημικός Δρόμος
Polish: Kosmiczna Droga
Finnish: Avaruustie
Swedish: Rymdbanan
Czech: Vesmírná Cesta
Danish: Rumbanen