Penguin Canyon

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Penguin Canyon
Creator: Sealseal (Ben)
Designer: Sealseal (Ben)
Type: Cold
Version: RC6
Date of Latest Version:
Editors Used: Paint, SZS Modifier
Difficulty: 7/10


Penguin Canyon first started as a very different idea that the creator came up with on a school trip. Ben and his friend were designing an outline for a custom track. At first, he wanted it to be called Wario's Labyrinth. It would have consisted of a huge map with many turns and dead ends. When Ben got back from the trip, he tried designing it on Microsoft Paint. However, Ben tried importing the .PNG into the SZS Modifier, but the model was too complex. This required him to make many changes of the model. The edited .PNG design became the course as it is today. At that point, Ben thought Wario's Gold Mine was not a good choice for it, and thought using penguins would be more interesting than mine carts, so he transferred all his ideas from Wario's Gold Mine to N64 Sherbert Land. At that time, he did not know how to import different models into different courses via hex edit, so that is why this course was switched from Wario's Gold Mine to N64 Sherbert Land. Due to school, he spent four weekends complete the course for an Alpha test. Many more changes were necessary for improvement. On a Sunday Night, Ben finished fixing more glitches and released a Beta to two different people. Of course, there were still many glitches he had to fix. After many changes, he released Penguin Canyon RC1, his second custom course. It was eventually accepted into the Custom Track Grand Prix at RC4.

Patch to N64 Sherbet Land and replace Daisy Circuit. The current version of this course is RC6.


As Ben made this course, many people and programs helped him get through this project from the simple sketch to RC6. He would like to give a big thanks for the people and programs that helped him complete his project.

  • Chadderz - for creating the SZS Modifier. None of this would have happened without him.
  • MrBean35000vr - giving tips along the way, and for Beta testing.
  • Matt Hanley - Beta testing
  • Ryuka/Chris - Beta testing
  • A bunch of really smart guys - creating Microsoft Paint.



Version History

Version Date of release Information
Alpha Unreleased There were many versions of Alpha of this course, but summing up all the problems, the creator decided that he needed to fix penguin paths and placements, item box placement, and wall placement.
Beta Unreleased Only released to two people. One of whom was MrBean35000vr, who thought the course was pretty cool. The penguin placements were fixed, and some item boxes were edited, like the Star/Mushroom only box.
RC1 2010-04-03 The first release of this course. The walls were slightly improved, and the ramp was fixed as well. In RC1, all penguins shrank over 50% at the request of MrBean35000vr.
RC2 Unknown Fixes first Bullet Bill glitch.
RC2.5 Unknown Another slight Bullet Bill fix.
RC3 Unknown Fixed another item route glitch. Bullet Bill was having trouble on deciding which way to go, so after many attempts and lucky placements in the KMP, the glitch was successfully fixed.
RC4 ≤ 2010-05-08 Smoothed out the sides of the road and had a minor texture change to the start line.
RC5 Unknown A few texture changes, fixed walls, and tweaks to an enemy route in the KMP.
RC6 Unknown Stupid textures gone and also fixed some corners.

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Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track:

Dutch: Pinguin Canyon
French: Canyon Pingouin
German: Pinguin-Schlucht
Italian: Canyon Pinguino
Japanese: ペンギンキャニオン
Korean: 펭귄 캐년
Spanish: Cañón Pingüino
Greek: Φαράγγι των Πιγκουίνων
Portuguese: Desfiladeiro Pinguim
Polish: Kanion Pingwinów
Finnish: Pingviinikanjoni
Swedish: Pingvinkanjonen
Czech: Kaňon Tučňáků
Albanian: -
Danish: -