Chomp Canyon

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Chomp Canyon
Author: 4TLPati
Version: RC6
Date of latest version: 2020-06-19
Editors used: KMP Modifier, SketchUp, SZS Modifier
WBZ files:
Download: Discord


Chomp Canyon is a custom track created by 4TLPati. It starts at a beach. From there, you come from a cannon to the top of the island. Shortly, you jump into a canyon with three rolling Chain Chomps. After you are on the top again, you drive on a long wooden bridge with electric propellers. The beach comes after this, and now you can choose between two ways: a tunnel or the continuation of the beach that reaches to the finish line.


RC6 VS Race (2:58:01)
RC5 VS Race
RC3.1 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC3 2010-10-25 First release
RC3.1 2010-10-30
  • Improved rolling Chain Chomp routes.
  • Added electric propellers.
  • Added start line banner.
  • Added water animation.
  • Darkened sky.
RC4 2011-02-20 Third release
RC5 2011-05-08
  • Improved respawn points.
  • Fixed Chain Chomp after the cannon.
  • Upscaled crabs.
  • Fixed invisible walls.
  • Fixed camera glitches.
  • Fixed textures.
  • Fixed cannon.
RC5.ctgp 2011-12-27 Update by MrBean35000vr:
  • Fixed and improved checkpoints.
  • Added troll block (Mdush).
  • Removed a tree.
RC5.hp 2016-12-18 Update by Huili:
  • Changed special item box to a regular item box.
  • Removed unused files.
RC6 2020-06-19 Update by Toxic Prime:
  • Edited model.
  • Remade course model and KCL.
  • Edited object routes.
  • Removed and added some objects.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Kettinghond-canyon
French: Canyon Chomp
German: Kettenhund-Schlucht
Italian: Canyon Categnaccio
Japanese: ワンワンキャニオン
Korean: 멍멍 협곡
Portuguese: Desfiladeiro dos Chomps
Russian: Каньон кусалкинов
Spanish: Cañón Chomp
Greek: Φαράγγι Τσομπ
Polish: Kanion Chompów
Finnish: Chomp-kanjoni
Swedish: Chompkanjonen
Czech: Kaňon Chompů
Danish: Chomp-canyonen