Chomp Canyon

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Chomp Canyon
Author: 4TLPati
Version: RC5
Release date: 2011-05-08
Editors used:
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Chomp Canyon is a custom track where you start at a beach. From there, you come from a cannon to the top of the island. Shortly, you jump into a canyon with 3 rolling Chomps. After you're on the top again, you drive on a long wooden bridge with zappers. After the wooden bridge you come to the beach. Now you can choose between 2 ways: a tunnel way or the beach way to the finish line.

This custom track underwent several updates leading up to RC5, which 4TLPati then decided was good enough to call version 1. It is of medium difficulty, because it's a bit dangerous at 3 big rolling Chomps and crabs on the beach. Unfortunately since RC4 there are no more falling rocks.


RC5 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC3.1 2010-10-?? First release
RC4 2011-02-20 Second release
RC5 2011-05-08 Final update.

Known Bugs

Ultra Shortcut

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Kettinghond-canyon
French: Canyon Chomp
German: Kettenhund-Schlucht
Italian: Canyon Categnaccio
Japanese: ワンワンキャニオン
Korean: 멍멍 협곡
Portuguese: Desfiladeiro dos Chomps
Russian: Каньон кусалкинов
Spanish: Cañón Chomp
Greek: Φαράγγι Τσομπ
Polish: Kanion Chompów
Finnish: Chomp-kanjoni
Swedish: Chompkanjonen
Czech: Kaňon Chompů
Danish: Chomp-canyonen