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(All Non-Port Custom Tracks)
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| [[Sandcastle Park]] || [[User:Buschkling|SpyKid]]
| [[Sandcastle Park]] || [[User:Buschkling|SpyKid]]
| [[Seaside Resort]] || [[LuigiM]]
| [[Seasonal Circuit]] || [[User:MRbuttCHINSx11T7|MRbuttCHINSx11T7]]
| [[Seasonal Circuit]] || [[User:MRbuttCHINSx11T7|MRbuttCHINSx11T7]]

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This is a list of all Custom Tracks made for Mario Kart Wii with new, original designs. Please note that this list might not always be 100% current and complete, since new custom tracks are always being created and some of them don't get attention from the community.

Unfinished tracks go do not go on this list. Instead, put them on the List of Unfinished Tracks.

All Non-Port Custom Tracks

Non ported Custom tracks
Title Author
Abe Abbott Raceway Dimelegend
Alpha Desert Valley ALPHAMARIOX and 4TLPati
Ancient Ruins Dimelegend
Aquadrom Stage SpyKid
Aquatropolis metaknight2550
Arrow Course EC2Baned
ASDF Course Guilmon35249vr
Athletic Raceway SpyKid
Battle Canyon DN[?]Ryuk/Chim
Beach Gardens igorseabra4
Beach Valley SuperFunkyKong
Beagle Plains Scye
Block´s Castle Blockmann
Blue Loop YellowYoshi
Boo Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7
Bowser Castle 1 EC2Joshi
Bowser Jr.'s Fort Vulcanus2
Bowser's Fortress MRbuttCHINSx11T7
Bowser's Villa [WP]Twister, Modified by Reedy94
Calidae Desert Björn
Cannon City & Cannon City II khacker35000vr
Chaotic Circle Sealseal
Chomp Canyon 4TLPati
Chomp Valley MrBean35000vr and Chadderz
Christmas Dream 4SLEthan
Citro's Wedding Altar SpyKid
Cliff Village SpyKid
Coastal Island Shastca and YellowY15
Codename: BIGBOX Guilmon35249vr
Coral Cape SpyKid
Crazy Mountain 4TLPati
Crystal Dungeon SpyKid
Daisy's Garden [WP]Twister and EC2Joshi
Daisy's Palace Vulcanus2
Dark Mole Abyss ALPHAMARIOX and 4TLPati
Darky Cliff khacker35000vr
Delfino Island Vulcanus2
Desert Bone Putinas
Desert Cross Michiel117 and Yo*Remco
Desert Mushroom Ruins 4TLPati
Desert Hills Putinas
Digitally Enhanced Guilmon35249vr
DK Waterfall BigOto2
DK Falls sup3rsmash8
DK's Jungle Beach Thiruon
DK Jungle Tour HelloImYourMind
Dom Dom Islands TB 358
Easy PC Freak
Ermelber Circuit 1 Ermelber
Faraway Land Guilmon35249vr
Fishdom Island BigOto2
Ghostly Path nikoproducties
Girly Course DJ Lowgey
Goldwood Forest igorseabra4
Green Grassroad YellowYoshi
Green Hill Zone Meep and mk255o
Green Park CaronHT
Haunted Woods thondam
Helado Mountain HelloImYourMind
Hidden Land nikoproducties
Icy Mountains Thiruon
Icy Mountaintop Guilmon35249vr
Icy Shroom Road BigOto2
Icy Vulcan Valley 4TLPati and EC2Joshi
Illusion Canyon igorseabra4
Incendia Castle MrBean35000vr
Jungle Island SuperMario64DS
Jungle Safari metaknight2550
Kartwood Creek Rich Petty/JugHead870
Kinoko Cave igorseabra4
Koopa Canyon XLR8MKWii
Koopa's Platorm Vulcanus2
Lame Course qwertyuiop82465
Lava Canyon MrBean35000vr and Chadderz
Lavaflow Volcano metaknight2550
Lee's Lesbian River in Missouri ALPHAMARIOX
Lethal Lava Land TB 358
Little Jungle wiimaster35000vr
Lizard Maze Michiel M-Soft
Luigi Circuit 2 magnusbon and ALPHAMARIOX
Luigi's Island Luigi45000vr
Lunar Speedway BigOto2
Magma Island Black Rose 67
Majora's Castle Xaeser
Maple Platform HackSizer
Mario Circuit 2 MRbuttCHINSxMKWii
Meep's Mansion drobotnik
Mikoopa's Citadel Guilmon35249vr
Misty Caveway SpyKid
Monty Mole Lake CrackpotHacker64000vr
Moo Moo Island nikoproducties
Mountain Path Björn
Mushroom Fort Conner
Mushroom Island BigOto2
Mushroom Land EC2Joshi
Mushroom Peaks MrBean35000vr
Mushroom Valley EC2Joshi
Mushroom Volcano BigOto2
Nightmare NoHack2Win
Northpole Slide metaknight2550
Peach Castle Night Planet HackSizer
Peaceful Valley MrRean35000vr
Penguin Canyon Sealseal
Petite Park Worldsboss, Baoulettes, Tock
Pipe Underworld BigOto2
Pipeline Speedway igorseabra4
Proxmia Road Guilmon35249vr
Punch City HelloImYourMind
Putt Putt Raceway MRbuttCHINSx11T7
Rainbow Dash Road Guilmon35249vr
Rainbow Dream ALPHAMARIOX and Reedy94
Rainbow Labyrinth Kazuo
Red Loop YellowYoshi
Rezway Trent Rez/CustomSongCharter
Road by Road  ?
Rocky Cliff MrApple35000VR
Rocky Roadway Sgtpepperlulz
Rooster Island Jefe
Ruin Labyrinth EC2Joshi
Sandcastle Park SpyKid
Seaside Resort LuigiM
Seasonal Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7
Sherbet Ocean SpyKid, Scye
Shifting Sandland kHacker35000vr
Silly Circuit YellowYoshi
Six King Labyrinth MrBean35000vr
Sky Beach CaronHT
Sky Courtyard HelloImYourMind
Sky Heaven jrcolonial98
Sky Speedway igorseabra4
Skylane Ugothacked and MetaKnight2550
SMG2 Big Tree HackSizer
SNES Circle -Frax-
Snowy Circuit Putinas
Space Road khacker35000vr
Sparkly Road LuigiM and Wiimaster35000vr
Star Circuit ALPHAMARIOX and 4TLPati
Star Slope igorseabra4
Stone Route YellowYoshi
Stone Circle RCPlanes59
Stony House SuperFunkyKong
Straight Valley TB 358
Strobenz Desert HelloImYourMind
Stronghold Castle HelloImYourMind
Stunny City igorseabra4
Sunset Bridge TB 358
Sunset Circuit Vulcanus2
Sunset Desert BigOto2
Sunset Forest Luigi45000vr
Sunset Ridge Vulcanus2 and BigOto2
Sunshine Yard SpyKid
TB's Road TB 358
Test Circle MrBean35000vr and Chadderz
The Hole Cave igorseabra4
Thunder City BigOto2
Thwomp Cave khacker35000vr
Thwomp Desert Scye
Thwomp Factory igorseabra4
Tonic Trouble Plains DJ Lowgey
Tree Circuit YellowYoshi
Troy Circuit Amaralvictor
Twilight Highway SpyKid
Underground Sky EC2Joshi
Unnamed Valley Scye
Volcanic Skyway BigOto2
Volcano Beach Ermelber
Wario's Lair thondam
Water Island LuigiCTGPMaster
White Garden SpyKid; Block; LuigiM
Yellow Loop YellowYoshi
Yoshi Circuit / Lagoon Yoshiller2

Custom Tracks Without Model Edits

These are Mario Kart Wii levels in which the items, themes, gimmicks on the course have been changed. See the List of Texture Hacked Tracks for levels in which only the textures and theme have been changed.

Title Base Author
Bowser's Ice Palace GBA Bowser Castle 3 ALPHAMARIOX
Dry Dry Lake N64 Sherbet Land igorseabra4
Mushroom Desert Mushroom Gorge BrawlerJesse
TRON Circuit Mario Circuit JJMaC 047
Mushroom Lava Land Mushroom Gorge TheMarioKartFreak