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I am Baoulettes.
A 30+ year Custom track creator
I am a girl or boy really who care :P? (let keep that a mystery.)
Then I am a Frenchy that is why my English is not correct (I am sorry about it I do really my best to improve it(still doing it even after years wow)).
Before having to leave the community I was of these person that love to work with UVW Mapping and bones structure.
What ever I (have) release(d) I do my best to make it look and perform well.

In every scene (modding) I will be seen as "baoulettes" or for older one "perlouze" :).

Currently Doing :
Updating that page yeay
Seeing how this scene still sparkle I might need to remove the dust of some ideas, learn things again and probably do things?
If I actually jump back I will not update older tracks, some already did it and that fine as it? (if not you are free to pm/dm about it)

My Done List (I will probably never update it):
N64 Royale Raceway (Jimbo's Version with new bbres/kcl like I did with GCN BC :3!
GCN Bowser's Castle/Development
GCN Bowser's Castle
KCL Flags Test
N64 Banshee BoardWalk it's Complete!
Tutoriall to create a custom char!!
Pikachu on Bullet Bike !
Celebi on Bullet Bike!
Kid Goku on Cloud
Lakitu on Cloud kart
Blue Falcon (F-zero GX)
Petey Paranah on Mach Bike!
Fox Mc.Cloud on Mach Bike
Falco Lombardi on Mach Bike
Zero Suit Set Samus Aran on Mach Bike
Dark Schneider (F-zero GX) !
GanonDorf on Bowser Bike !
Link Bowser Bike of Time !
LM Blue Ghost on Bowser Bike !
Lucario on Torpedo !
Pianta (blue) on Bowser Bike !
Star Bunny + MagiKoopa on Golden Kart !
Zelda on Flame Flyer
Midna final form on Bowser Bike
Petey on Bowser Bike
Demyx on Bowser Bike

I contributed in:
KCL Flags : (0x10 and 0x18)
Petite Park
N64 Choco Mountain

My W.I.P list :
My ToDo List:
My take about these list :
Done mean for me it is Done not a "RC1" or "RC2", It is like : yeah maybe a small glitch you will not notice (like I did not noticed it before release)
W.I.P mean that I am working on (RC1 etc) and doing active dev on it.
ToDo I will potential rework / fixit when I have time :).

If you want to give me idea to improve previous CT or futur I would be happy =)
If you have any question, suggestion, idea or even collab (I would love to contribute somehow.)
Feel free to contact there:
Discord: Baoulettes#8386
Skype : Mysticia26 (Slow reply I am no more that active there)
If social media link/name are not allowed feel free to edit/tell me :)