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Avatar: Kozakura Avatar 2023.png
Age: 20
Discord: kozakura_k
YouTube: Kozakura
Profile Picture Credit: Comet404

Hi! I’m Kozakura. I’m an autistic American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations. I struggle with communication and controlling some of my emotions sometimes, especially anxiety, but I still enjoy being in the community and making these mods.


If you want to update or remake one of my tracks, please ask me first. I will most likely say yes unless if it's a track I'm updating myself.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island (Kozakura & slipperymac) v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to slipperymac for fixing all the issues it had. ZPL made a new version as well.

Sunset Bridge v1.0: A remake me and ChisSilver64 made together.

Volcanic Skyway (Kozakura & Rosalina Speedruns): Collab with Rosalina Speedruns. It’s based off of v2.3. An update is planned.

Northpole Slide (Kozakura): New version released on New Year's 2024. I also made an old version with Bri.

Tower Loop (Kozakura, Rosalina Speedruns & ZPL): Got permission from Jay089 (the creator) to remake this.

Blue Loop (Kozakura): This is a haunted ice rendition of the former CTGP track. There's also an old version I made with acaruso.

Petite Town: My first original design in MKW. It was made for my IRL friend.

F-Zero White Land I (Kozakura): I will make more F-Zero ports in the future.

Orange Loop (Kozakura & Bri): My first track with shadows. An update is planned.

Horror Valley (Kozakura): A remake of an old paint track by 4TLPati. I also made an old version with ZPL.

Hemoglobin Falls: Inspired by Shy Guy Falls and Blood Fire Sky.

Cheese Road 2 (Kozakura): I got inspiration from Toy Time Galaxy’s third Star in Super Mario Galaxy. A remake is planned.

SNES Rainbow Road (Kozakura): The alpha was intended to be a joke. v1.0 was made to be a more serious track.

Cheese Road 1 (Kozakura): Made this so people wouldn’t wonder why I didn’t do Cheese Road 1. A remake is planned.

Cheese Road 3 (Kozakura): Decided to complete the trilogy. A remake is planned.

Castle of Hope: I made the track concept in 2018 and Lovelifeandtpose024 made it into a CT.

Torrential Treetops: Another concept I made that Lovelifeandtpose024 made into a CT.

Tiny Town Route: Sequel to Petite Town, collab with ZPL.

Desert Raceway: Something I worked on since December 2019. I plan on adding animations in a future update.

Mozzarella Mountain: Made for a contest, not my best model, but oh well. A huge update is planned.

Azria Temple: SpyKid gave me permission to use his model and I made it into a CT.

Gold Leaf Skyway: Created for a contest, inspired by Gold Leaf Galaxy.

Coin Soup Pot: Created for a contest, inspired by an unfinished track by SpyKid.

Labyrinthine Freeway: A track I started in 2018 but never got back to until 2020.

RMX Choco Island 1: A Mario Kart Tour track I remade for Mario Kart Wii, with shadows and model edits by ZPL.

Divine Tunnels: Created for a contest, haunted sewer track that's shaped like the Katakana letter sa.

Legend of the Seventh Star: I thought of a concept of making track edits into custom tracks, so I started by remaking the layout of Volcano Manege and then editing it with my own takes. I might do this with other track edits as well.

Mossy Tower Ruins: Collab with Rex for a contest. Basically a bunch of towers that have crumbled over time.

Arctic Chill: I made the model back in 2019 but I didn't finish the model until earlier this year. Sheale finished the track.

Abandoned Bazaar: Created for a contest. The name says it all. A huge update is planned.

SNES Vanilla Lake 1 (Kozakura): I saw that Atlas made a remake of this track for Mario Kart 8 and I used it as inspiration for this remake, along with a model I got from the 3D Warehouse.

Starlit Sanctuary: Created for a contest. It's basically my first attempt at modeling certain complex structures.

Cloakwood Chasm: Created for a contest. This was a collab with Hman6516. A huge update is planned.

SNES Ghost Valley 1 (Kozakura): I wanted to make a version of this track based off of the one in Mario Kart Tour, but I eventually decided to add elements inspired by AltairYoshi's remake of SNES Ghost Valley 3 to make it more interesting.

Old Churches: Created for a contest. I got heavy inspiration from a track called Citro's Wedding Altar.

SNES Choco Island 3 (Kozakura): Once the SNES beta tracks got leaked, this one stuck out to me the most and I decided to remake it.

Carrington Cove: Created for a contest and a collab with JDS. This is based off of the Carrington event, which is the largest recorded geomagnetic storm on the planet.

H: Created for a contest. It was made as a giant troll.

Rolling Green Run: Created for the SMG Custom Tracks Project. This is based off of Rolling Green Galaxy.

Toxic Circuit: Made for my birthday, it's basically a fire and ice track that starts off at night but becomes morning between laps 2 and 3.

Sunken Sanctuary: Created for a contest. It's an underwater temple, that's all there is to it (except for some easter eggs).

Carpet Spires: Created for a contest. Heavily inspired by Kamek's Library.

RMX Rainbow Road 1 (Luca & Kozakura): Collab with Luca, I did some model and KMP work for this track.

Papyrophobia: Created for a contest. It's essentially a ruined paper kingdom filled with evil.

Alternate Ghost Valley 2: I got inspired by tracks such as Alternative N64 Bowser's Castle to make this.

Ruined Rainbow Road: Created for a contest. I thought taking a track theme from a Nintendo track and twisting it would be a good track concept.

Acid Terrene: Remake of the iconic ASDF_Course that I made because I felt like the original had a lot of wasted potential.

Cybernetic Crescent: Created for a contest, and this was a collab with Sheale. I did some model and KMP work for this track. As a joke, I sometimes call this track Cybernetic Croissant.

Kartwood Creek (Kozakura): Remade this originally for a contest that was cancelled.

Rocket Launch Rock: Old Turbo Jam track I decided to release.

Solstice Tundra: First time I've won one of the Custom Track Jams, it's a Christmas miracle!

Ave Maria: Old Turbo Jam track I decided to release.

Frosty Mountains (Kozakura): Remade this for a modding event.

Starbit Station: Created for a contest, it's based off of the Star Festival. I plan to add a train in a later update.

Sea of Missiles: Old Turbo Jam track I decided to release.

Melty Monster Skies: Created for a contest, this is a Melty Monster inspired track.

GBA Riverside Park (Kozakura): My first GBA remake, it is based off of the version found in Ermii Kart DS, well an older version of it since the latest version is unavailable for download.

Autumn Mountain Ascension: Created for a contest, I loved Autumn Mountain so much and I wanted to make a track based off of it and I think this CT Jam was the perfect opportunity for me to make it.

Rover's Forest: This was made for my friend and for a Turbo Jam.

Tropical Storm of the Great Grapefruit: This was an unfinished track made by KartoffelKorps that me and him worked together to finish.

RMX Choco Island 2 (Kozakura): I made this because I am a fan of the RMX tracks and I wanted to keep my Choco Island tracks consistent between each other.

Dragon Mountains: I found this model on the 3D Warehouse and I thought it had potential so I made it into a track.

Tropical Cloudway: Created for a contest, this is a collab with AltairYoshi. The track itself is a cloudy resort.

SNES Choco Island 2 (Kozakura): I felt all of the current versions were lackluster so I made this version.

Sherbet Remains: Created for a contest, I think this did not turn out well at all but oh well.

Choco Island 666: April Fool's track.

Toxic's Snowstorm is All Blue?: April Fool's track.

Dusty Outpost: Created for a contest, I poured a lot of effort into this one even though it's not my most serious track.

Fire Rainbow Road: This was an old model of mine that I gave to varemi to finish.

Utopian Fantasia: Created for a contest, this is my take on an Area 28 styled track.

Merlot's Raceway 2: Sequel to YoshTaku's track Merlot's Raceway. I had fun making it.

N64 Town (Kozakura & Bruh de la Boi): We were initially doing our own separate versions of this track but then we decided to collab on it and honestly I'm pretty happy with the work we both put into it.

Digitally Enhanced (Kozakura): Created for a contest, this now has a computer theme.

Time Entanglement: Created for a contest and a collab with Der Der. This track is a combination of the past, present, and future.

Cherry Grove: Track I made in 2020 but decided to release this year.

Unfinished Mall: Track I made in 2020 but decided to release this year.

Thwomp Factory (Mystora & Kozakura): Me and Kiwi both wanted to remake older tracks, so we started with this one.

Mars Paradise: Created for a contest, basically my attempt at a Mars track with my own twists.

Lunar Laboratory: Created for a contest, I tried to go for a Wario's Cosmic Construction vibe with this one.

Nocturnal Grounds: Collab with Ugotowned35000vr, currently in a beta state but an update is in the works.

Frigid Peaks: A track I made for Citrus's Custom Track Secret Santa which uses a concept by Baoulettes.

Shiver Mountain: I made the layout of this track and AlexTG4517 turned it into a track.

Timber Rapids: Created for a contest and a collab with ZPL. This track was somewhat inspired by Cliffside Falls but with more of a jungle theme.

Shaped Raceway: Collab with Luigi Story, has some issues with the star material but everything else about the track works fine.

Monstropolis: Created for a contest, it is a Mario Kart Tour inspired track (Tokyo Blur mainly) that came to me in a dream and I tried to recreate it as best as I could.

Old York Minute: Created for a contest, it is a vintage take on Tour New York Minute.

Unsuspicious Lair (Kozakura): Remake of one of my friend Questorian's older tracks that I thought had potential but wasn't executed the best.

Oymyakon Acropolis: My latest CT Jams track that is inspired by Siberian Chateau mainly with a bit of Freezeflame Galaxy and Hells Dimension.

Gloomy Glade: The Boos look weird in this track, it's definitely a WIP.

Reforged GBA Castle: The track speaks for itself.

Daniel: Daniel.

Desert Strip (Kozakura): I am a huge fan of the original so I decided to remake it and I'm happy with how it came out.

Wuthering Castle Canyon: Track I made with a concept designed by Bear.

Aqua City (Kozakura): Remake I made for my WIP modpack.

Drip Drop Dive: A track I made with LibraGames. I'm happy with how this came out.

Aurora Area: A personal project I made recently that utilizes the camera angle glitch from Shy Guy Beach.

Christmas Coast: Track I made with a concept designed by OrcaHedron.

Cheese Moon Fortress: Made this with CarryOn. It is based on the myth that the moon is made of cheese.

Bitland Bash: Super Paper Mario inspired track, my first track with unique split paths as well.

Across Surreal Skies Track that was dedicated to JadenMKW.

SNES Bowser Castle 2 (Kozakura): I've wanted to do a take on this track for a while now and I'm happy with how it came out.

SNES Ghost Valley 3 (Atmosphere & Kozakura): Mario Kart Tour inspired take on the track.

Revolutionary Village: Rushed track that I'm not proud of, but it's not my worst.

Lucky Tower: I tried to do something unique with this one and I'm happy with how it came out.

GBA Luigi Circuit (Kozakura): Another Mario Kart Tour inspired remake.

GBA Cheep-Cheep Island (SquireTurnbolt & Kozakura): Based on the Tour version. I'm really happy with how this came out.

Concord Cape: A Mario Kart Tour style original track that takes place on an island.

FZC Silence Nightmare Fear: Track from F-Zero Climax that I remade.

Sweet Retreat: Candy resort type of track. I plan to do more with it in the future.

Wet Dry Ruins: Sequel to Wet Wet Ruins that I created for the Custom Track Jams.

Gnarled Tangle: Kinda rushed ghost track, nothing too special.

Desert Cross (Kozakura & Mystora): Remake of an old track from 2010. This is a snowy desert track.

Morphing Wilderness: Another snowy desert track, this time made with tarsa129.

Haunted Woods (Kozakura): This was originally meant for Halloween 2021 but it didn't get finished until June 2022.

Parallel Paradise: I made this based on the Paper Mario Color Splash parallel world levels.

Hot Field: Another track I made using one of OrcaHedron's designs.

Mesa Township Mountain town track, nothing special for the most part.

Rainbow Solar System: DS Rainbow Road sequel.

Luminous Clouds: A track I made with ._..

Land of Divinity: Remake of Divine Tunnels but with a better theme.

SNES Mario Circuit 2 (Kozakura): Port of Mapper's version made for Mario Kart DS.

Shiverburn Saunter: Track I made based on Shiverburn Galaxy, also the second track I made with Shiverburn in the name.

Clifftop District: Construction site track on top of a cliff.

Ice Cream Skies: Sky-High Sundae inspired track that I poured a lot of effort into.

Welkin Cluster: Second sky track in a row that I have released.

Dance Macabre: A track based on one of my current favorite bands, Ghost.

Eugene Express: Track I made based on the real city of Eugene, Oregon.

Dusty Desert: A track that was commissioned by Act Ishikawa.

Castle Roadway (Kozakura): A remake of a track by Luigids.

Fiery Frontline: Was intended for an event hosted by marionose1, but wasn't finished until later.

Fred City: A track that was commissioned by EpicCrossover.

Birdo Island (Kozakura): Remake of the first custom track I released to the wiki.

Yoshi's Floating Island: Got the idea to make this track after SW Yoshi's Island was revealed.

Railroad Melee: A remake of Meatball Marinara Melee that wasn't meant to be super serious but I might do more with it in the future.

Snowy Circuit (Kozakura): Another remake, this one I'm semi proud of although it didn't place that high in the competition it was made for.

GBA Riverside Park (TheGamingBram & Kozakura): Based on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe version, meant to be a successor to my older remake.

Yellow Loop (Kozakura): Made it into a yellow forest because I thought it would make sense.

Snow Halation: My first track I submitted to SquireTurnbolt's Custom Cup Contest. I came up with the track in 2018 but it never really became a track until this year (2023 as of the time I'm writing this).

GBA Bowser Castle 2 (Kozakura): Based on the Tour version, I think it came out well for the most part but the visuals could be improved.

Luigi Paradise: Remake of Luigi Circuit Plus. Overall I think it came out well.

Mario Speedway (Kozakura): This is one of my favorite older tracks and I wanted to make it look and play better. I think I did a decent job.

Temple Bay (Kozakura): My goal for this remake was to combine elements of my favorite versions of the track.

GBA Cheese Land (Kozakura): An original take on the track.

Bass Cave: Took some inspiration from Geometry Dash for this one, probably won't be the first time I do it either.

Portal in a Painting: Super Mario 64 inspired track that starts in an art gallery, then takes you to Tall Tall Mountain via the painting.

Moonlit Highlands: A remake of the track Rocky Loop.

RMX Ghost Valley 1 (Kozakura): Meant to be consistent with my other Ghost Valley remakes.

Autumn Tropics: A remake of the track Leafy Beach.

Vermilion Valley: An original Autumn themed track that uses one of my favorite colors for its theming.

Penguin Canyon (Kozakura): I remade this track because I thought the original had a lot of potential, and I think I did a good job of bringing it to fruition.

Biofrost Lab: Remake of Technical Loop I made with EpicCrossover that is now a snowy track with a laboratory.

Technical Trance: Remake of Technical Loop I made with Fuffina that is now in a futuristic/cyberpunk sort of style.

Antarctic Volcano: Remake of Burning Freezeway I made with MKWahPhil and Dreacastian-Turnip.

Koopa Troopa Resort (Kozakura): Remake of Atmosphere's track that is meant to expand the theme of the original and improve on gameplay.

Flying High: A track I originally made for a Custom Track Jelly, but didn't finish in time.

MKWahPhil Speedway: Track made for a Custom Track Jam themed around MKWahPhil, not much else to say about it.

Sherbet Circle (Kozakura): This remake was mainly created because of how many memes were created around this track, especially in late 2023. It isn't a joke track, however.

Jungle Cliff (Kozakura): A remake of an older track that I always wanted to put my own spin on for a long time.

Twisted Canyon: Remake of Boring Circuit that takes on a desert theme and features an "upside-down" section.

RMX Factory Island: RMX version of Factory Island (Atmosphere).

Stellar Island: Remake of Factory Island with a snowy theme.

WIP Original Tracks

Cheep-Cheep Coast: A track I originally made for a Turbo Jam, but didn't finish in time. I will finish it up for a proper release, with its debut being in Mario Kart Upsilon

Fun House Flip: A track I made with mickeyman713 for a Custom Track Jam that is unfinished, but it is still being worked on.

Piranha Plant Precipice: A track with highly experimental gameplay that's inspired by tracks such as Tour Piranha Plant Cove.

WIP Track Ports/Remakes

Mushroom Track: Originally by 4IT-Lecce, this remake will have a new theme that's similar to the original, but it will keep most of its original identity.

???: A remake of a mystery track that'll debut in Mario Kart Upsilon.

Volcanic Skyway: Remake of v2.3, successor to my old remake.

Other WIP Projects

Mario Kart Upsilon: An upcoming distribution that is sort of an amalgamation of past distributions I tried to make, but inevitably cancelled.

Kozakura's Texture and Music Pack v3.0: A WIP overhaul of my texture and music packs that'll include new and updated texture hacks as well as remakes of every BRSTM in the pack.

Kozakura's Hide and Seek Pack v2.0: A majority of the tracks will be replaced in this update, however a few will be staying.

By the same author: Kozakura

Custom Tracks:
Petite TownHemoglobin FallsTiny Town RouteMozzarella MountainAzria TempleGold Leaf SkywayCoin Soup PotLabyrinthine FreewayDivine Tunnels
Legend of the Seventh StarMossy Tower RuinsArctic ChillAbandoned BazaarStarlit SanctuaryCloakwood ChasmOld ChurchesCarrington CoveRolling Green Run
Shiverburn IsleSunken SanctuaryCarpet SpiresPapyrophobiaAlternate Ghost Valley 2Ruined Rainbow RoadCybernetic CrescentSolstice Tundra
Ave MariaStarbit StationMelty Monster SkiesAutumn Mountain AscensionRover's ForestTropical Storm of the Great GrapefruitDragon MountainsTropical Cloudway
Sherbet RemainsDusty OutpostFire Rainbow RoadUtopian FantasiaMerlot's Raceway 2Time EntanglementUnfinished MallMars ParadiseLunar Laboratory
Nocturnal GroundsFrigid PeaksTimber RapidsShaped RacewayMonstropolisOld York MinuteOymyakon AcropolisGloomy GladeReforged GBA CastleDaniel
Wuthering Castle CanyonDrip Drop DiveAurora AreaChristmas CoastCheese Moon FortressBitland BashAcross Surreal SkiesRevolutionary VillageLucky Tower
Concord CapePirate Bay TownSweet RetreatWet Dry RuinsGnarled TangleMorphing WildernessParallel ParadiseHot FieldMesa TownshipRainbow Solar System
Luminous CloudsShiverburn SaunterClifftop DistrictIce Cream SkiesWelkin ClusterDance MacabreEugene ExpressDusty DesertFiery FrontlineFred City
Yoshi's Floating IslandSnow HalationBass CavePortal in a PaintingVermilion ValleyFlying HighMKWahPhil SpeedwayRMX Factory Island

Tracks I Designed Layouts For:
Castle of HopeTorrential TreetopsShiver Mountain

Retro Tracks:
F-Zero White Land ISNES Rainbow RoadRMX Choco Island 1SNES Vanilla Lake 1SNES Ghost Valley 1SNES Choco Island 3RMX Rainbow Road 1GBA Riverside Park
GBA Riverside Park (+ TheGamingBram)RMX Choco Island 2SNES Choco Island 2N64 TownSNES Bowser Castle 2SNES Ghost Valley 3GBA Luigi CircuitGBA Cheep-Cheep Island
FZC Silence Nightmare FearSNES Mario Circuit 2GBA Bowser Castle 2GBA Cheese LandRMX Ghost Valley 1

Track Remakes:
Birdo Island (+ slipperymac)Birdo IslandSunset BridgeVolcanic SkywayNorthpole Slide (+ Bri)Northpole SlideTower LoopBlue Loop (+ acaruso)Blue LoopOrange Loop
Horror Valley (+ ZPL)Horror ValleyCheese Road 2Cheese Road 1Cheese Road 3Desert RacewayCherry GroveAcid TerreneKartwood CreekFrosty MountainsDigitally Enhanced
Thwomp FactoryUnsuspicious LairDesert StripAqua CityDesert CrossHaunted WoodsLand of DivinityCastle RoadwayRailroad MeleeSnowy CircuitYellow LoopLuigi Paradise
Mario SpeedwayTemple BayMoonlit HighlandsAutumn TropicsPenguin CanyonBiofrost LabTechnical TranceAntarctic VolcanoKoopa Troopa ResortSherbet Circle
Jungle CliffMountainside Mario CircuitTwisted CanyonStellar Island

Joke Tracks:
HRocket Launch RockSea of MissilesChoco Island 666Toxic's Snowstorm is All Blue?Chantix Circuit

Track Updates:
Stone CircleSnake CircuitAbandoned DesertFlooded GrasslandColor DimensionBandit PlainsPipe CircuitWong SpeedKinoko ValleyKioh KatachCandy Cane Circuit
Cannon CityLuigi's RacewayNeon TowerKamek's CastleRainbow RiverGrease BeachTemple of the Lost CityPipeline SpeedwayRainbow TwistTwisty Track
Thwomp's Lava CastleKoopa CanyonMew's CircuitCrunk Cheetos CircuitBowser's Castle 5Ghost CircuitItalian WayShoobity BoopShort WayMisty Caveway
Rainbow LabyrinthGolf CourseSMB1 Speed DesertChomp CanyonMidnight StarwayDaisy City RacewayGreen GrassroadIsland on the SeaCrystal Zone
The Twilight ZoneBullet TowerFlooded Water CavesIron ConstructionTree Circuit (TL)SM64 Basement MazeDavid's Lane

Texture Hacks:
Rainbow Gravity RoadHydro HighwayScorched SandsChristmas DromeFrozen MansionKevin StreetCosmic DungeonSweet Sweet MeadowsCrystal Spaceway
Stoneworks PeaksGranite CanyonHidden RuinsCrafted CircuitDwight LoopBeyond the CourseNight RideFuture RacewayDystopian GardensSuper Kinoko Cave
Magical GrottoArid CascadesCelestial ForestMKT Style SNES Mario Circuit 3Steam GardensKalimario CircuitQuag WildsBotanical MarshSonoran HillsHoliday Crossing
Canyon RiseFrozen DivinityCaciocavallo CoveFrost Fall, Frost RiseGalactic Emerald IslePeach TownPowder Town

Track Edits:
Mushroom HellEmber CoastPeach Beach but it's District 65Cataquack Falls

Kozakura's Texture and Music PackKozakura's Hide and Seek PackKozakura Kart Wii