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Heya! I used to be somewhat active in the Mario Kart Wii scene but my work wasn't really of any noticeable quality. In fact, I would argue that the quality of certain creations hit rock bottom in the community. However, sometimes I still have the urge to create texture hacks so when the opportunity is there I will come back and do it. My skills have certainly improved since my old contributions.

In my spare time, I upload various modding content and challenge runs to my YouTube channel. Just thought you might be interested.

Variation Sensation

I run a YouTube series called Variation Sensation where I showcase texture hacks and track edits for various courses. Anyone in the community is welcome to join and submit track edits for the series, and as such, I apologize if the show ends up filling the wiiki with stupid track edits haha.

Good Projects

Here are some of my projects which I stand by as being good and worth checking out:

Bad Projects

Here are some projects I made when I was younger which I'm embarrassed to call my own.

YouTube Projects

I made these projects specifically for YouTube videos and other people uploaded them to the wiiki on my behalf. They meet their purpose as being stupid so I wouldn't necessarily call them bad. But... they're bad. Don't play these.


Even if you like laughing at bad things you won't enjoy this track. Can you even call it a track? Sigh.

By the same author: marionose1

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Mario Kart Wii Remix Pack

New Texture Hacks:
Translated Luigi CircuitGushroom RorgeBowsette's Crown CastleFiery Kinoko Cave

New Track Edits:
Fiery Kinoko Cave RChocoshroom Ridge

Old Texture Hacks:
Beginner's TrackLuigi's Country ParkFire Bro HillsSuper Kinoko Cave

Custom Track Distribution:
Variation Sensation