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Avater: Dreacastian-Turnip's Profile Picture.jpg
Age: 18
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Discord: D-Turnip#5021
Twitter: @DreamcastTurnip -

Howdy. You can call me Turnip or Dreamcastian. (But never Dream)

I'm a Autistic Genderfluid Cajun track creator that started making tracks in June 2022. I have a lot of interests but i'm mainly into gaming, and hope to be a game dev sometime in the future.

Track Permissions

If you want to edit any of my tracks. Please ask first me via the contact methods above. Usually i will say yes unless it's something actively offensive or hurtful. Plus, this is optional. But please send me the finished edit when you post it, i would love to see what you do with it!

Similar rules go for distributions. If you're adding any of my tracks into your CT Pack. Please ask me first, once again i will usually say yes.

Released Tracks

Choco Canyon

My first publicly released track. It's definitely crusty being my first track. But i still love it and want to update it to make it even better.

Cardboard Dimension

My first Jam track, and first completely original layout. It's very flat, so i might remake it at some point to give it more cardboard elements. Also my first track to use Vertex colors as well as i think the only one so far that i know works on console.

GBA Rainbow Road (Dreacastian-Turnip)

My first retro track that stayed a retro. I really enjoy how this turned out. Really fun. Might get a visual touchup but other than that i am very satisifed with it.

To Do List

Note: Tracks here are subject to change due to conflicts with me and my attention span of 1.

trackname Notes
Gender Flyway Track based on the Genderfluid Flag. Currently facing struggles with making it obvious that it's based on the flag without looking too visually overwhelming. Despite that it's at a fairly playable state right now with checkpoints working, even if i need to optimize them more.
Rosalina's Ice Rink Track that takes place in an Ice Rink owned by Rosalina. Currently just in the concept phase. There is a very early model but i'm having trouble having it work in game.