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Avater: Dreacastian-Turnip's Profile Picture.jpg
Age: 19
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Discord: D-Turnip#5021
Twitter: @DreamcastTurnip -

Hello! Ya can call me Turnip. I'm a cajun track creator from Louisiana. I like creating tracks, i mainly create tracks for Jams nowadays due to perfectionism and junk, but will occasionally drop a Hit Single on its own. I also do art and once ratio'ed burger king with an image of springtrap.

Track Permissions

If you want to edit any of my tracks. Please ask first me via the contact methods above. Usually i will say yes unless it's something actively offensive or hurtful. Plus, this is optional. But please send me the finished edit when you post it, i would love to see what you do with it!

Distros you can add without asking. But i rather you tell me. Sometimes i get jumpscared by my own track lmao.

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