Big Express City

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Big Express City
Author: lgmb
Version: v1.7
Date of latest version: 2019-05-22
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, CTools, KMP Cloud, KMP Modifier. Paint.NET, Post-Effect Editor, SketchUp, SZS Modifier, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:


Big Express City is a custom track created by lgmb. It is focused mostly on Japanese cities. You can drive on public roads and in a high capital city. There are two versions: morning and night, along with 200cc versions of the two.


  • Zachruff, for various advice on optimization in v1.6.


v1.6-Night VS Race
v1.1 VS Race
v1.0 Presentation (Dolphin)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2018-02-10 First release
v1.0fix 2018-02-11 Adjusted night version brightness (experimental).
v1.1 2018-02-12
  • Fixed KMP.
  • Edited KCL.
  • Added new hidden elements.
v1.2 2018-02-17
  • Fixed item routes.
  • Adjusted train and TownBridgeDSc objects.
  • Edited KCL.
  • Added arrows.
  • Edited hidden area.
  • Added high-speed (200cc) version.
v1.3 2018-02-28
  • Edited post-effects.
  • Edited KCL.
  • Edited cameras.
  • Optimized course model.
  • Changed some textures in the night version.
v1.3.1 2018-03-21
  • Simplified minimap.
  • Changed some item box positions.
v1.4 2018-04-21
  • Added more item boxes.
  • Changed some item box positions.
  • Fixed item routes.
v1.5 2018-05-10
  • Adjusted KCL.
  • Added some more item boxes.
  • Changed some object textures.
  • Adjusted cameras a bit.
v1.5fix 2018-05-13
  • Removed transparent walls.
  • Added force recalculation.
  • Edited KMP.
v1.5fix-2 2018-05-29
  • Adjusted wall judgment.
  • Enlarged force recalculation, enabling item route recalculation.
  • Edited KMP.
v1.5fix-3 2018-05-29 Adjusted item routes.
v1.6 2018-12-23
  • Added a wall to prevent difficulties.
  • Edited KCL.
v1.7 2019-05-22 Update by Wiimm:
v1.7.ctgp 2022-05-17 Update by Brawlboxgaming based on the night version:
  • Brightened visuals.
  • Fixed KCL issues.
  • Altered bagging routes.
  • Removed an invisible wall.
  • Moved ramp at the fountain to the left.
  • Remade skybox.
  • Fixed corrupted boost panels.
  • Fixed item routes.
  • Fixed checkpoints (whilst keeping the Ultra Shortcut).
  • Added bulldozer to nerf the second last grass shortcut.
  • Moved last item box set.
v1.7.mkd 2023-01-16 Update by FJRoyet based on v1.7.ctgp:

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Grote Express-Stad
French: Grande Ville d'Express
German: Express-Großstadt
Italian: Grande Città Espressa
Japanese: ビッグエクスプレスシティー
Korean: 거대 급행 도시
Portuguese: Grande Cidade Expressa
Russian: Экспресс-мегаполис
Spanish: Gran Ciudad Exprés
Greek: Εξπρές Μητρόπολη
Polish: Wielkie Miasto Ekspresu
Finnish: Iso Express-kaupunki
Swedish: Stora Express Staden
Czech: Velké Expresivní Město
Danish: -