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! width="10%"| Title
! width="10%"| Title
! width="10%"| Author
! width="10%"| Author
| [[Apparition (Dry Bowser Texture)|Apparition]]
| [[Nyan man 310]]
| [[Big Chungus]]
| [[Big Chungus]]

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This is a list of Custom Characters and Karts for Mario Kart Wii. A Custom Character is a character with a model or texture that was not created by Nintendo as part of the original game, while a Custom Vehicle can refer to a changed vehicle. Many downloads contain a combination of a changed character and a changed vehicle.

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Individual Character/Vehicle Combos

These only affect one Character/Vehicle combination, eg. Luigi on Mach Bike. It wouldn't affect Mario nor would it affect the Standard Bike M.


Title Author
Baby Luigi on Spear Teramiiko
Bandit on Magikruiser Atlas
Boots on Bullet Bike Ampharos 2.0
Cyan Koopa Troopa on Blue Falcon and Bullet Bike RotationRex
Dark Koopa Troopa on Dark Spear HackSizer
Dark Toad on Dark Flame Runner HackSizer
Dry Bones on Flame Runner TheMygoshi
Evil Dry Bones on Bullet Bike RoGamer
Fat Chocobo on Standard Kart Atlas
Galaxy Dry Bones on Bullet Bike Nyan man 310
Ice Toadette on Cube-Quacker TheMygoshi
Jimmy Neutron on Mini Beast NootNoot64
Jolteon (on foot) XModxGodX
Kirby on Wheelie Thed0ra7z, Lone Devil
Morgana on Blue Falcon Ampharos 2.0
Pikachu on Bullet Bike Baoulettes
Racing Mew Ampharos 2.0
Red Koopa Troopa on Para-Wing ShadowLuigi-NG-
Skull Kid on Bullet Bike Atlas
Vampire Baby Peach on Quacker Babypeachd
Whittle on Magikruiser Atlas
Winnie the Pooh on Mini Beast Ampharos 2.0
Zombie Baby Peach on Dracula Quacker Babypeachd


Title Author
Baby Shark on Mach Bike Babypeachd
Blacephalon IkuTronHD
Blue Green Daisy on Mach Bike LewoZ
Bomberman on Dolphin Dasher NootNoot64
Boshi on MK8 Pipe Frame Atlas
Boshi on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Builder Mario on Sneakster Atlas
Chocobo on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Christmas Luigi on Mach Bike Rachy
Christmas Mario on Mach Bike Rachy
Clear Yoshi on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Clear Yoshi on Wild Wing Guilmon35249vr
Daisy on Heavy Spear ΔMKW大GIRLΔ
Daisy on Standard 7 Bike ΔMKW大GIRLΔ, MKRacer P
Darky Mario on Sprinter Bike Metaljaripower
Darky Luigi on Flame Runner Babypeachd
Diddy Kong on Spear Mikeypr98
Dipper Pines HourofPoop
Dry Bowser Jr. on Mach Bike ShadowLuigi-NG-
Electric Mario on Hovercraft TheMarioKartFreak
Endei's Mach Bike Endei
Evil Luigi RoGamer
Evil Yoshi RoGamer
Fawful on Mach Bike, Sneakster and Dolphin Dasher BLgotswag
Fox McCloud on Mach Bike Baoulettes
Galaxy Peach on Mach Bike PachiChan
Gaomon on Mach Bike Pucci95
Garfield on Sugarscoot NootNoot64
Ghost Yoshi on Mach Bike RoGamer
Gladiator Daisy TheNinjaKingOW
Gold Mario on Dolphin Dasher & Mach Bike ISlime
Golden Daisy on Golden Mach Bike Pokemongeof
Golden Luigi on Golden Mach Bike Toni Kart
Gooigi on Super Blooper NootNoot64
GrayL on Mach Bike Mikeypr98
Ice Mario on Golden Mach Bike Pokemongeof
Inkling Girl on Mach Bike Atlas
Jet the Hawk on Type-J Extreme Gear SonicBrawler
LarryBoy on Classic Dragster Ampharos 2.0
Latias Ampharos 2.0
Latios Retrostyle12
Ludwig on MK8 Pipeframe Atlas
Luigi (on foot) Niment
Luigi (Super Mario Strikers) Ampharos 2.0
Mariofan121's Diddy Kong on Flame Runner Mariofan121
Metal Face Ampharos 2.0
SM64 Metal Mario on MK8 Comet Atlas
Metal Yoshi Retrostyle12
Mii with Penguin Costume on Standard Kart Atlas
Mii A M Male on Le Chaux Eg85
Mr. M on Mach Bike NitroMKWii
Orange Yoshi on Orange Flame Runner TheYoshi
Pac-Man on Standard Kart M Camonsters
Peach on Astro Glider Toad75
Purple & Black Daisy Graciie
Purple Daisy on Mach Bike Rachy
Rainbow Dash (flying) LeonExodio
Ramona Flowers on Zip Zip NootNoot64
Rarity Daisy on Dolphin Dasher Metaljaripower
Renamon on Dolphin Dasher LuigiGalaxy530
Retro Daisy DJ Lowgey, KTH, Super-Daisy55
Retro Peach DJ Lowgey, KTH, Super-Daisy55
Shadow Mario on Mach Bike Rachy
Shiny Umbreon on Mach Bike IEF◇Spyro
Silver Mario on Dolphin Dasher & Mach Bike ISlime
Skeleton Mario on Wild Wing NootNoot64
Sonic the Hedgehog (on foot) ShadowLuigi-NG-
Squidward on Mach Bike NootNoot64
Strawberry Peach on Mach Bike Rachy
Super Sonic the Hedgehog on Mach Bike Toni Kart
Sweet Daisy on Mach Bike PachiChan
Tanooki Mario on Mach Bike TAS Rhys
White Yoshi on Light-blue Mach Bike FloschiiZockt
Whitney LuigiGalaxy530
Wolf Link on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Yoob Retrostyle12
Yoshi on Spear Inkling35000vr
Zinnia on Mach Bike LuigiGalaxy530
Zombie Daisy on Mach Bike Metaljaripower


Title Author
Ash Ketchum Ampharos 2.0
Baldi on Spear NootNoot64
Banjo on Spear Atlas
Big the Cat on Flame Runner Shadowthe99X
Boo-Berry on Flame Runner Legendof8241998
Yoshi's New Island Boo Guy on Phantom Atlas
Bowser on Dolphin Dasher Rocketz
Black Mage on Wii Remote MKDasher
Blue Web Funky Jaxx
Captain Falcon (on foot) LeonExodio, ShadowLuigi-NG-
Christmas Wario on Spear Metaljaripower
Dark Schneider Baoulettes
Deadpool (on foot) SonicBrawler
Diamond DK Retrostyle12
Discord Wario TheNinjaKingOW
Donkey Kong on Black Yoshi Retrostyle12
SSBM Donkey Kong Alts Retrostyle12
SSBB Donkey Kong Alts Retrostyle12
SSB4 Donkey Kong Alts Retrostyle12
Emerald DK Retrostyle12
Endei's Rosalina Endei
Fire Funky Kong on Flame Runner Rachy
FiredUp Waluigi on Flame Runner Mikeypr98
FiredUp Waluigi on Quacker Mikeypr98
Funky Kong on a Blunt Ayoraster
Funky Kong on Nystre Cycle j8bit-forager
Funky Kong on Quacker CuberHax
Funky Pride ForgottenIce, IEF◇Spyro
Funky Toad on Flame Runner DragonMaster537
Goku on Flame Runner ZPL Gaming
Gold Funky Kong on Gold Hovercraft Mikeypr98
Golden Funky Kong on Violet Mach Bike MikyJacksanne
Golden Rosalina on Golden Flame Flyer HackSizer
Goldkey Kong on Gold Runner Atlas
Granite Funky Jaxx
Green Dry Bowser on Blue Honeycoupe Nyan man 310
Green Waluigi on Green Wild Wing HackSizer
Grey Camouflage Funky Kong on Flame Runner Chrome, Nove
Halloween Funky MrFib
Hatsune Miku on Flame Runner Atlas
TF2 Heavy on Flame Runner Atlas
HD Funky on Flame Runner Shadowthe99X
Homer Simpson on Flame Flyer NootNoot64
Honey Queen on Standard Wario Atlas
Hugh Neutron on Spear NootNoot64
Joker on Flame Runner Ampharos 2.0
Jotaro on Flame Runner Ampharos 2.0
Kaiser Kong on Flame Runner Kaiser
King Boo on Arcade Kart SuperOnion64
King K. Rool on Flame Runner Gito
Link on Flame Runner Baoulettes
Lucario on Spear Baoulettes
Magikoopa & Star Bunny on Parade Kart Baoulettes
Mega Blaziken Ampharos 2.0
Midna on Flame Runner Baoulettes
Mr. Krabs on Boatmobile Pointy Pighead Games
MrFib Funky MrFib
Nabbit on Flame Runner Atlas
Neon Dark Blue Funky Kong on Flame Runner & Spear ISlime
Ninja on Wolfen MKDasher
Nosainian Funky on Flame Runner marionose1
NULL Funky Kong on Flame Runner ISlime
Papyrus on Flame Runner Atlas
Patrick Star on Wario Bike NootNoot64
Pauline on Flame Runner DJTrash
Pianta on Flame Runner Baoulettes
Pink and Blue King Boo on Flame Runner Starstrike
Purple Rosalina on Flame Runner PC Freak
Ronald McDonald on Spear Atlas
R&B Funky Kong on Flame Flyer MKDestroyer
R&B Funky Kong on Flame Runner Mikeypr98
R&B Funky Kong on Shooting Star Mikeypr98
Red and Black Cubed Funky Jaxx
Rosalina on Blue CTTR Bad Girl Eg85
Rosalina with Shorts on Flame Runner MEGAKart69
Samus on Flame Runner Ampharos 2.0
Sans on Flame Runner Atlas
Sledge Bro on Flame Runner Atlas
Stickboy Funky Kong on Flame Runner TheOnlyStickboy
Sparky Kong on Flame Runner FFlamerunner
SPASM Funky on Flame Runner mkwjason
Spooky Speedster on Spear Atlas
Star Funky on Rainbow Flame Runner LeonStu
Stone Bowser on Rock Kart beredezebe
Stone Funky Jaxx
Summer Funky MrFib
Ugandan Knuckles on Flame Runner Ampharos 2.0
W. D. Gaster on Spear Atlas
Waluigi (on foot) Niment
Wario (on foot) Niment
Weary Kong Rachy
White Mage on Wii Remote MKDasher
Zelda on Flame Runner Jiyuu



These apply to all characters (of a single weight class) and may/may not have models for the kart selection screen.


Title Replaces Author
Cat Bullet Bike Bullet Bike H1K0USEN
Yoshi Bike Quacker Atlas


Title Replaces Author
CNK Bandicoot Team Kart Standard Kart M Eg85
Beer Crate Peach on Wild Wing SpyKid
Speed Star Wild Wing ShadowLuigi-NG-
Super Serve Classic Dragster j8bit-forager


Title Replaces Author
Chimerism Offroader Guilmon35249vr
Gito's Bowser Bike Flame Runner Gito


These are complete character replacements that replace all vehicles, instead of just one.


Title Author
Baby Blue Hat Mario KaizoGT
Blue Koopa Troopa Guilmon35249vr
Captain Toad Atlas
Christmas Toadette Bri
Baby Dark Red Daisy Metaljaripower
Darky Baby Luigi Babypeachd
Goomba DJ Lowgey
Ice Toadette Futile MKW
Kirby Lone Devil
Koopa Paratroopa Guilmon35249vr, TravixMan
Lakitu on Cloud Ohthatsjustgr8
Lemmy Koopa TravixMan
Mametchi SuperOnion64
Orange and Black Toadette Bri
Oshawott TravixMan
Piplup LuigiGalaxy530
Plankton SuperOnion64
Professor Elvin Gadd DJ Lowgey
Purple Koopa Troopa Futile MKW
Snivy LuigiGalaxy530
Snow Fairy Sugar Babypeachd
Squirtle LuigiGalaxy530
Thwomp Pepo 2000
Toadsworth (Atlas) Atlas
Toadsworth (Ohthatsjustgr8) Ohthatsjustgr8
Tommy Pickles SuperOnion64
Totodile LuigiGalaxy530
Tuxie DJ Lowgey
Vanellope DJ Lowgey
Victini LuigiGalaxy530


Title Author
Black Mage Art602
Black Yoshi KaizoGT
Builder Luigi H1K0USEN
Candy Daisy NDS
Chaos Peach KaizoGT
Crash Bandicoot DJ Lowgey
Dark Red Daisy Metaljaripower
Darky Luigi DarkyBenji
Darky Mario DarkyBenji
Dixie Kong Ohthatsjustgr8
Emerl the Gizoid Slawter
Fire Birdo SlitherySheep
Fire Luigi Toni Kart
Fire Mario Toni Kart
Fire Peach KaizoGT
Flying Mario iSlime
Hammer Bro. DJ Lowgey
Isabelle lgmb
Kamek DJ Lowgey
Larry Koopa Pepo 2000
Lucario LuigiGalaxy530
May LuigiGalaxy530
Mega Man ALE XD
Meloedy Kong Metaljaripower
Meloetta Peach Nyan man 310
Metal Mario YellowYoshi
Metal Sonic Lone Devil
Mr. L NintenYoshi
Negatif Daisy DarkyBenji
Negatif Peach DarkyBenji
Pac-Man DJ Lowgey
Peach & Daisy Athletic Wear Super-Daisy55
Rayman DJ Lowgey
Pingu HourofPoop
Red Daisy RBordel
Red Yoshi Retrostyle12
Rosalina Medium Weight Xian.exe
Shade the Echidna Slawter
SM64 Mario DJ Lowgey
Snoopy SuperOnion64
Sonic the Hedgehog SuperMario64DS
Sonic the Hedgehog Lone Devil
Speedy Spirit LuigiGalaxy530
Spongebob Squarepants HourofPoop
Turquoise Yoshi SlipperyMac
White Mage Slawter


Title Author
Apparition Nyan man 310
Big Chungus NDS
Black Rosalina Metaljaripower
Blaziken LuigiGalaxy530
Boo Zef
Candy Rosalina NDS
Classic Waluigi TravixMan
Classic Wario TravixMan
Darky Funky Kong DarkyBenji
Darky Rosalina DarkyBenji
Deoxys ThePrimalYoshi
Gardevoir DarkyBenji
Groudon LuigiGalaxy530
King Boo (Luigi's Mansion) TravixMan
King Dedede Ohthatsjustgr8
Link Ohthatsjustgr8
Metalfunkypower Metaljaripower
Nitro Funky Kong Liquidry
Ocean Kong Graciie
Optllizer's Funky Kong Optllizer
P5 Funky Bodacious
Pianta DJ Lowgey
Purple Rosalina KaizoGT
R&B Funky Kong KaizoGT
Red M&M SuperOnion64
Roy Koopa TravixMan
Shrek TravixMan
Sleepy Kong Sleepykiinq
Thomas The Tank Engine BrianKart
Wreck-It Ralph DJ Lowgey
Zekrom LuigiGalaxy530

Character Packs

These are Character Packs. They can be modeled or textured.

Title Author
Big Wheels Pack Nyan man 310
CuberHax Character Pack CuberHax
Koopalings TravixMan
MKW Character Pack Huili
Myron's Texture Characters Pack Myron085
Peugeot 106 xBlue98
Peugeot 206 xBlue98
Zombie Reloaded MatrixMode
Misc. Hacks

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