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Avatar: HackStarz Boshi Avatar.jpg
GameBanana: Bashi
Twitch: FatBoshi
Discord Server: Bashi's Base
Discord Tag: Bashi#7705
Youtube: Bashi
Steam: Bashi


Hewuuu! I'm HackStarz, also known as Bashi, and previously known as CuberHax or Boshidude.
I was an active modder for a while, and I still release some stuff from time to time, whenever I feel like it.
I am a trans female and asexual panromantic. I prefer she/her and they/them, but don't stress if you use the wrong pronouns with me :P
I am part of the MKW Hack Pack team.
My favorite games are Mario Kart Wii and Geometry Dash.
I listen to a lot of trance music, mainly from the late 2000s and early 2010s. I put together a neat playlist of my favorite tunes here.
My favorite book series is Warriors, and my favorite character from it is Jayfeather.
My favorite video game character is Boshi, despite the fact I have not played through Super Mario RPG.
Something else I like to do other than modding is dabble in art. My most notable work is my BTTV emotes made for Yasha.

Wiki Friends

Notable Mods

Here are some mods I made that I may be known for.

  • MKW Ultra Shortcut Edition - Played by TWD98. Apparently there was once an active TT community based on this mod.
  • Cuberluigi CT Pack - Used to hold the record for the most CTs in one distribution. I don't support it anymore!
  • Beeg Yoshi - One of my first custom characters. Ha-ha funny!
  • Quagsire - Also one of my first custom characters. Made for and used by Mayro/NuoKart!
  • CTGP Revolution Classic - Made to celebrate CTGP Revolution v1.03's 7th anniversary. I ended up releasing it early. A few months later, it exploded in popularity. Unfortunately the v2.0 update killed it by adding too many new tracks. I have removed all the tracks of complaint, but it has not affected the current lack of activity.
  • True Impossible CPUs - Played by TWD98...twice! Gotta love red shells.
  • Rainbow Road DX - Probably my most known custom track, played by TWD98, 64iOS, and my boy Zakziko!

Pointless Stuff

MKW Stat Analysis

Here's some random stuff regarding MKW character/vehicle stats that I made quite a long time ago. It's mostly all pointless, but have fun with it.

A while back I made a "Best Stats" chart for MKW. Find it here.

I also made a vehicle tier list based purely off stats instead of performance. Could be interesting, so I have it up here.

I did the same thing as above for characters instead of vehicles. Take a look here.

MKW Statmod Stats Page

I put together a page of the stats used in the mod Mario Kart 6.5 aka statmod. It's now being managed by CampbellMop. You can see it here.

Geometry Dash Info

Here are the top rated levels I have beaten (based on how hard they were at the time of completion):

1. Crimson Clutter by RedUniverse - Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-08-27
Time to complete: 4 days
Worst fail: 66%
Attempts: 5,406
Enjoyment: 2/5

2. Supersonic by ZenthicAlpha and more - Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-02-10
Time to complete: 9 days
Worst fail: 98%
Attempts: 6,403
Enjoyment: 1/5

3. Windy Landscape by WOOGI1411 - Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-03-27
Time to complete: 5 days
Worst fail: 95%
Attempts: 4,812
Enjoyment: 3/5

Below top 3

But how about the top UNRATED levels I have beaten? I made a list of those too!

1. Incendia Clubstep by FatBoshi (ME) - Insane
Personal Rating: Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-08-09
Worst fail: 89%
Attempts: 7,424
Enjoyment: 1/5

2. Sh*tty Orochi by Keleru - Insane
Personal Rating: Hard Demon
Completion date: 2021-06-16
Time to complete: 7 days
Worst fail: 97%
Attempts: 1,000+
Enjoyment: 3/5

3. Sh*tty Sonic Wave by AcropolisBoy - Insane
Personal Rating: Hard Demon
Completion date: 2021-05-20
Time to complete: 2 days
Worst fail: 89%
Attempts: ~1,800
Enjoyment: 2/5

Copied and edited the main page for no reason

Fooled you. There is no main page.

By the same author: HackStarz

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