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Hello, I'm HackStarz, previously known as CuberHax. I used to make mods fairly often, but I am running out of inspiration. I also update mods once in a while.

I am into techno/trance music. Real old stuff, but it's like gold for me. I guess that also represents my opinions about custom tracks, ha-ha. My favorite artist at the moment is Dimrain47.

Alongside Mario Kart Wii, I play Geometry Dash. They are both my very favorite video games.

I think I first got Mario Kart Wii in 2012. I remember the first combo I ever used was Waluigi on the Wario Bike. The very reason why I am still here today is because a few years later, a friend introduced me to custom tracks. (That friend is actually on this wiki somewhere. Good luck finding them. Ehehe~) It took me way too much time to figure out how to hack my Wii, but when I finally did, it was around early v1.03 that I started playing CTGP Revolution.

Pointless lore part 1

Geometry Dash Info (long enough to have its own header)

On Geometry Dash, my username is HackStarZ. I also make serious levels from time to time, though usually not very good ones. I used to upload these to private servers, but now I just upload them on the main servers. Here is my top 5 rated levels I have beaten:

1. Stalemate - Insane Demon
Worst fail: 75% (twice)
Not long after Deadly ClubStep, I beat my first insane demon. This is a pretty good first insane demon, and I didn't even find it through any suggestions. I don't think anyone decided that Stalemate was a good first insane demon, but it somehow is. Once you learn it, the hard parts aren't that bad. However, the ship parts are inconsistent, so I am lucky that my worst fail is only 75%. Including practice and copyables, it took me 3,227 attempts. Without practice and copyables, I barely have any clue, but it would probably have taken 800-900 attempts at the very most, probably less. Unlike Deadly ClubStep, Future Funk, and maybe Fairydust as well, it only took 3 days to beat instead of 4!

2. Deadly ClubStep - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 90%
This is kind of like the bridge between hard demons and insane demons. That's why I wanted to play it. It only took me 4 days like Future Funk. It's not very enjoyable, and has some tough timings and transitions, but I knew if I wanted to get skilled I would need to beat it. I really should have not died at 90%, but I did anyway, and it's my worst fail in a long time. But what really pushed me forward to victory was npesta. I had his stream in the background, and while I was playing, he beat Bloodlust. I was really proud of him, and that eased my feelings a bit. Not long after, I randomly beat Deadly ClubStep. This time I have a total attempt count: Including practice and copyables, it took me 4,117 attempts. Without practice and copyables, I estimate around 500-700.

3. Fairydust - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 75%
This is one of the first Nine Circles levels. Aside from the bad transitions, it wasn't actually that bad. It took me quite a few days to beat it. I don't remember how many because I took like a week long break. The funny thing is, when I beat it, I was in practice mode and did it in 1 attempt. So you can imagine I wasn't very excited about beating it. I hack completed the level, because doing it in 1 attempt in practice mode still technically counts as beating it.

4. Future Funk - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 70%
If you don't know what Future Funk is, it's a 4+ minute level that is inspired by Clutterfunk and High Life, there is an infamous dual in the level, and it's easy to die at 99%. Thankfully that didn't happen to me. Once I passed the dual, I beat the level. Only took me 4 days.

5. Nine Circles - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 48%
The one that started the whole Nine Circles trend. I wanted to beat the level a while back but I didn't have the skills to do so. One day I decided to try it out, and while I learned most of the level, I gave up that day. The next morning, I picked it up again and beat it. I beat it in less than 24 hours! And yes, you read that right, I fluked from 48%! My luck was insane on this level.

Legacy List

What's with your name?

Pointless lore part 2

Okay, no more sob story, now how about the actual name, HackStarz? It may seem like I am calling myself a star of hacking, which is not true. I am far from that, and I am not egotistical. It's actually a reference to Cheating a Cheater, an old video by MrBean35000vr. I remember the annotations. The main antagonist of the video was obsessed with hacking stars. So that's basically where I got my name.

Planned Mods

I started on a remake of Rainbow Road DX, but then I messed a few things up so I may need a break from doing it. When I do get back on it though, I should be able to finish it relatively quickly.

No more ideas. No more brain. As if I ever had one.

Wooden Sky Road MKDS BKT

I believe I have the glitch shortcut BKT for Wooden Sky Road, which is a Mario Kart DS custom track. This time is 31:223. I recorded it after I got it, which you can find here. It's shaky because I did the run on an airplane and had to record it there with my phone. Here is the song I used for the background. I also got a potential BKL, which is 9:932, but since the full time was 31:225, which is sadly only a very small amount of milliseconds behind the BKT, I didn't bother to record it.

By the same author: HackStarz

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