MKW Ultra Shortcut Edition

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It is recommended to remove these tracks from your My Stuff folder, or set My Stuff to "No Replaced Tracks" in CTGP Revolution, when playing on Worldwides. Otherwise, you may get banned on Wiimmfi.
MKW Ultra Shortcut Edition
Authors: CuberHax, Nintendo
Type: My Stuff
Version: v1.1
Date of Latest Version: 2019-08-08


MKW Ultra Shortcut Edition is a basic custom track distribution made by CuberHax, which is designed for My Stuff users on CTGP Revolution. It contains all 32 Nintendo tracks with KMP and KCL edits to enable more shortcuts. There are no key check points (except for the check points at the finish line), solid fall and item road collision have been replaced with regular road, and fall boundary, invisible wall and unknown invisible wall collision have been replaced with sound triggers (except for DK Summit), which may potentially cause some problems. A 99,999cc version is included in the download, made for use with the 200cc engine that is also in CTGP Revolution.

There is also an alternate version of this distribution that replaces invisible wall collision with sound triggers on DK Summit, and replaces off-road collision and wall collision with regular road, allowing for even more shortcuts.


  • MK Mier, for being the original creator.
  • Joonatan Linkola, KyotoGaming, and Atlas, for some ideas for v1.0alt and v1.1alt.



Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2019-08-02 First release
RC2 2019-08-02 Fixed various bugs.
RC3 2019-08-04 Attempted to fix Mushroom Gorge.
RC4 2019-08-04 Fixed Mushroom Gorge.
RC4alt 2019-08-04 Allowed more shortcuts.
v1.0 2019-08-05 Allowed more shortcuts.
v1.0alt 2019-08-08 Allowed driving on more parts of the collision, allowing more shortcuts.
v1.1 2019-08-08 Fixed Rainbow Road and Wario's Gold Mine.
v1.1alt 2019-08-08 Allowed driving on more parts of the collision, allowing more shortcuts.