SK Volcano (GCN DK Mountain Texture)

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SK Volcano
Author: CuberHax
Type: Volcano, Lava
Version: v1.1
Release date: 2019-08-21
Download: Google Drive


SK Volcano is a texture hack of GCN DK Mountain made by CuberHax. It is his first publicly released texture hack that had many revisions in the past, all being private and now gone. It is themed around the track's volcano erupting, changing the scenery. It adds a red tint to some textures, and uses the Grumble Volcano sky texture.


A view of the track in game (v1.0)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-08-20 First release
v1.1 2019-08-21 Updated some textures.

Texture Hack Distributions

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