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Hello! I'm Rex. I enjoy making custom content for Mario Kart Wii, much like many others here on the wiiki!

Custom Tracks

Track Name Info Latest Release
Sherbet Circuit My first custom track, a simple snow/ice themed track. I plan on remaking this at some point, since when I made it, I was using outdated tools. RC3 (2019-06-06)
LCP Floor It 1 A track based off the first level of the minigame Floor It from SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!. As of v1.0, it is now a ported model from the game. v1.0 (2019-08-02)
Telamon Heights A custom track ported from the Roblox game Mario Kart: Roblox Dash! As of now, I have no plans on continuing to update this track. Alpha (2019-06-03)

Custom Arenas

Arena Name Info Latest Release
GCN Pipe Plaza My first battle arena, being a port of GCN Pipe Plaza. There are still various problems, such as the enemy routes being broken. Alpha 2 (2019-04-04)

Character Textures

Texture Name Info Latest Release
Cyan Koopa Troopa My first character texture, inspired by the one I made for Mario Kart 8. Currently only has textures for Blue Falcon and Bullet Bike. Beta (2019-04-15)

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By the same author: RotationRex

Original CTs:
Sherbet Circuit

Retro/Imported CTs:
LCP Floor It 1Telamon Heights

CT Updates:
Stunny City

Custom Arenas:
GCN Pipe Plaza

Custom Textures:
Cyan Koopa Troopa