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I don't do anything "cool" for the most part, but you can look at the stuff in my user link if you really want to I suppose. Most of my work I am not proud of and it makes me feel embarrassed, though if you like them, good for you I guess, however there are better things to check out if you look at other pages. Most of the mods I create currently are custom tracks, though I do try other things every so often, most of which are experiments and such that likely won't be completed and/or released.

Update related

If you want to do anything more than a minor update to one of my past tracks for whatever reason, please let me know what you plan on doing on my user talk, just so I'm aware beforehand. I'll likely be fine with it regardless, but I would prefer being asked before it is released.

User Link

Not everything I made is listed on my user link. Things that are absent are basically stuff I made in the past that I feel have not much point to existing. If it was released on the Wiiki, anyone can freely use it, even if it isn't in the user link.

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