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Hello, I'm not very active when it comes to making stuff here on the Wiiki, but I pop in every so often.

I like to work on things by myself most of the time, since I don't know a lot of people around here well enough, as I'm very shy and self conscious, and often think negatively about myself and regret actions I do sometimes. Interacting with people I don't know well is very intimidating to me, due to past experiences I've had. If you (for some reason) want to update something I've released, I'm perfectly fine with it, however if it's anything major, please contact me somehow so I'm aware. (via talk pages on here most likely)

That's it for my profile, the stuff I've made are pretty lame since I'm not an expert, (and a lot of it was learning how to use stuff) but if you like any of them, good for you I guess...?

By the same author: RotationRex

Custom Tracks:
Sherbet CircuitSBSPLCP Floor It 1Telamon HeightsN64 Koopa Troopa Beach

Custom Textures:
Cyan Koopa Troopa

Collaborations and Updates:
Stunny City (Updates) – Mossy Tower Ruins (w/ Toxic Prime)