Mr. Krabs on Boatmobile

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Mr. Krabs on Boatmobile
Creator: Pointy Pighead Games
Designer: Nickelodeon
Version: Beta
Release date: 2016-07-10
Editors used: 3ds Max, Brawlbox, CTools, MeshLab, Paint.NET, SketchUp
Download: Google Drive


This is a custom character based on Mr. Krabs from the show SpongeBob SquarePants. The vehicle is a Boatmobile also from SpongeBob SquarePants.



Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2016-07-10 Initial release
By the same author: Pointy Pighead Games

Custom Tracks:
Swine CanyonSwine DesertMount Luigi

Custom Characters:
Mr. Krabs on Boatmobile

Retro Tracks:
GCN Luigi CircuitGP DK Jungle