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Avatar: Inkling35000vr new pic.png
Age: 15
Miiverse: Miiverse
YouTube: Inkling35000vr
Twitter: Twitter
MKW FC (Openhost): 1766-9381-0158
Discord: Inkling35000vr#3458

Hey, thanks for clicking my name! I go by Inkling or Juan. Im 15 years old and I've been playing Mario Kart Wii for 3 years and I been doing MKWii modding since 2015. I make texture hacks and custom tracks. My texture hacks may not be the best, but I'll improve by time.

Custom Tracks

Remade/Updated Tracks

Here are some of the tracks I helped update or remake. Currently I only remade Mushroom Island. With the help of Sniki

Title Current Version Type Author
Mushroom Island v1.1 Remake BigOto

Texture Hacks

Title Current Version Type
Galactic Spaceway v1.0 Space

In Progress

There's currently no projects in progress.

Future Projects

Grand Dad - The next update I will recreate the texture and add an emblem.


My Discord Server:

By the same author: Inkling35000vr

Texture Characters:
Grand DadYoshi on Spear

Texture Hacks:
Galactic Spaceway (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture)

Remade Tracks:
Mushroom Island