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Icon: SlipperyMacsmall.png
Country: Canada
YouTube: ToadBrawler
Discord: SlipperyMac#0156

Hello, I'm SlipperyMac, also known as ToadBrawler. Welcome to my Wiiki page.

I enjoy making and playing custom tracks. I've been working on learning how to edit most parts of a MKWii track before I start getting into releasing tracks.

I enjoy updating other people's tracks as well. Updating other people's tracks is a good way to keep up my knowledge about MKWii file systems, as well as being fun to do.
If you're wondering if I want to update a specific track, the answer is no. I update tracks when I want to.

Tracks I've Updated

List is collapsed in case in my later days this list gets large. Right now, this list is small.
I've released eleven track updates so far.
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To-do List

  • Learn AREAs
  • Learn how to add shadows to tracks
  • Learn posteffects
  • Learn how to do routes for objects
By the same author: SlipperyMac

Custom Characters:
Turquoise Yoshi

Custom Tracks:
79T Space Road

Remade Tracks:
Birdo Island