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Hello there! I'm NintenYoshi, but I also go by NintyYoshi or just Ninty. I'm a fan of all things Nintendo and Mario Kart, and my hobbies include modding, art, video editing and obviously gaming. I mainly mod Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS, and use Blender to model my tracks. I especially like to make my tracks feel like they belong in the Mario world, and while I'm good with visuals gameplay is not my strong suit, but I'm trying to improve on that. I also make some retros from time to time of tracks that I really like.

Feel free to report any bugs or issues in any of my tracks! I am also okay with any small updates to my tracks. Adding any of my tracks to distributions is also okay, no need to ask. Lastly, if you wish to use any original assets from my tracks, such as a model or texture, please ask me about it first.

In case you want to contact me my most reliable place is at Discord: NintyYoshi#3135.

Custom Tracks

Track Version Notes Update planned?
Cliffside Circuit v2.2 My first ever custom track! No
Luxville v1.0 A track dedicated to a friend. No
Snowy Thrill Trail v1.0 A snowy downhill with broken boost pads. Yes
SNES Ghost Valley 3 v2.0 A reimagined version of an underrated classic. Only minor fixes
N64 Toad's Turnpike v2.3 Based on the MK8 version. First track to be fully done in Blender! No
Puzzle Plank Pass v1.0 Designed by B O Y, my first track to include shadow mapping. Maybe
Parallel Purgatory v1.0 Collab with j8bit-forager. No
Sarasa Kingdom v1.8 Designed by SkippDT64, my most detailed track. No
Moonlight Lake v1.0 A peaceful track based on a lake near my area. Yes
Wario's Cosmic Construction v1.2 Collab with JadenMKW for the Custom Track Jams. Maybe?
Bonita Harbor Beta Made for the CT Jams, really proud of the visuals. Yes
N64 Frappe Snowland v1.3 Based on the MKT version. Why does it have Frappe in the name? No
Flash Black Forest Beta Made for the CT Jams, features a very flashy gimmick! Yes
Tropical Cloudway v1.0 Collab with Toxic Amaranth for the CT Jams. Maybe
MKT Merry Mountain v1.0 Collab with Luca. One of my favorite MKT tracks! No
Frostburn Falls v1.0 CT Jam track. Yoshi Falls meets Shiverburn Galaxy! Only minor fixes

Only minor fixes means that the track has been significantly updated/was just released and will only get future updates to fix small issues. Minor updates may also apply to tracks that say No.

Custom Battle Arenas

Arena Version Notes Update planned?
Moonview Plaza v2.0 My first custom arena! No
DS Nintendo DS v1.1 An improved port of a memorable arena! No
N64 Block Fort v1.0 A simple port, not much effort went into it. No

Texture Hacks

Texture Version Notes Update planned?
Cosmic Yoshi v1.0 A texture based on SMG's Cosmic Clones. No
Snowview Highway v1.0 A snowy Moonview Highway! No
Retro Bowser's Castle v1.0 A retro makeover to a retro track. :P No
Mr. L v1.0 The Green Thunder himself! No
Midnight Square v1.0 My favorite texture I've made. No
Nighttime Hills v1.0 Desert Hills, but at night. Cool, huh? No

Currently Working On...

  • Ninty's Music Pack: Just a good old music pack that has been in the works since 2018 and I'm finally getting around to finishing.