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BackModel.szs is a file from the /Scene/Model directory from Mario Kart Wii, and it includes four different models used in the single and multiplayer menus.

Individual Downloads

Single BackModel.szs Hacks
Title Type Author Download
baloon.brres Moving balloons and a rotating coin (used for Battle)
Crazy violet bumpy balloons and green coin Model edit/Texture/CHR0 animation Atlas AVSYS
flag.brres Waving flag (used for VS Race)
Evil Penguin Model/Port/Texture/CHR0 animation Atlas AVSYS
Magic Wing Model/Port Atlas AVSYS
Mario Kart Workshop tire Model Atlas AVSYS
Moving glove Model/Port Atlas AVSYS
Resetti Model/Port Atlas AVSYS
Sushi Model/Port Atlas AVSYS
stop_watch.brres Stopwatch (used for Time Trials)
Amp Model/Port Atlas AVSYS
trophy_kinoko.brres Trophy (used for Grand Prix and Friend Rooms)
King Bob-omb Model/Port Atlas AVSYS
Mario Kart Arcade GP Pac-Man Cup Trophy Model/Port SuperOnion64

Full files

The following table contains full BackModel.szs files with all four custom models.

Full BackModel.szs Hacks
Title Author Download
None - -


Here are included packs that contain multiple BackModel.szs files or many BRRES files of the same type.

BackModel.szs Hack Packs
Title Author Download
Pokémon BackModel Pack FunX1337 MagentaCLOUD
Dragon Ball BackModel Pack FunX1337 MagentaCLOUD
FunX's BackModel Pack FunX1337 MagentaCLOUD
Huili's BackModel Pack Huili Google Drive