Death Star

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Death Star
Author: JimmyKaz
Version: v1.21
Date of latest version: 2024-02-26
Editors used: BrawlBox, BrawlCrate, CTools, KMP Cloud, KMP Modifier, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, SketchUp, SZS Modifier
WBZ files:
Download: Icedrive


Death Star is a custom track created by JimmyKaz. This was originally created back in March 2020. Despite the simplicity, this track has over a week of work put into it. There was a point where the author worked on it for 11 hours straight constantly having to go through exporting, importing, deleting polygons, fixing texture sizes, and reimporting, among other things. The minimap alone took over two hours just to get it to show up, with nearly 45 attempts to get it to properly center to the screen. The author also had to use SZS Modifier to fix checkpoint problems from KMP Cloud. He also had to deal with a problem where the collision is higher than it should be, which took nearly an hour to be figured out. The author got it to work, but then everything got misaligned; he then figured out that the KMP was getting shifted as well, which messed everything up even more. After all of that, plus another assortment of issues, he finally managed to fix the track for a release.


v1.1 VS Race
v1.0 VS Race (Dolphin)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2020-06-16 First release
v1.1 2020-06-19 Update by HackerCop:
  • Reduced polygon count to reduce Slow Motion Bug.
  • Remade course model, KCL, KMP, and minimap.
  • Moved start line checkpoint to match the start line.
  • Increased number of checkpoints and removed those not forming convex quadrilaterals.
  • Increased number of respawn points.
  • Added more item boxes.
v1.2 2024-02-09 Update by KantoEpic and Rex:
  • Optimized KCL geometry.
  • Added secondary start position to display the finish line correctly (LE-CODE only).
  • Added and fixed enemy routes after respawning in some areas.
  • Extended starting checkpoint.
  • Fixed respawn point rotations.
  • Changed fireball routes and settings.
  • Optimized and reimported model.
  • Lowered texture sizes.
  • Fixed fireball flickering.
  • Fixed Item Position Bug.
v1.21 2024-02-26 Update by KantoEpic:
  • Fixed a shader issue where Bloopers made the track invisible.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Ster des Doods
French: Étoile de la mort
German: Todesstern
Italian: Morte Nera
Japanese: デス・スター
Korean: 데스 스타
Portuguese: Estrela da Morte
Russian: Звезда Смерти
Spanish: Estrella de la Muerte
Greek: Άστρο του Θανάτου
Polish: Gwiazda Śmierci
Finnish: Kuolemantähti
Swedish: Dödsstjärna
Czech: Hvězda smrti
Danish: Dødsstjernen