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I'm HackerCop and one of my hobbies is Wii modding and producing Custom tracks. At the moment I'm learning how to create Cheat Codes for the game/ASM coding using these tutorials so huge thanks to Vega for writing them. Who wants to see My latest mod:

I'm also working on my new Rainbow Road custom track. As for Wii modding my greatest homebrew achievement is when I installed Windows 3.1 on my Wii via Dosbox Wii. I run a popular YouTube channel where I showcase all my mkw mods. You can check it out by clicking the image below:

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My speciality is custom Game Modes/Cheat Codes, Custom Tracks, Track Edits and just generally tinkering with the game, All my mods are open source and I believe that anybody should be able to run mkw mods they see on the internet, that's why I hate it when mods are kept private. I got into modding in 2019 wanting to run 99,999cc on my Wii after seeing TWD98 play it but I had no idea how to, the learning curve was so steep. It took me a while to get it running but I had so much fun with it. I learnt how to make custom tracks by following Sniki's and Rosalina Speedruns tutorials so huge thanks to them and to TWD98 for showcasing my custom game modes. I've also been doing some texture hacks so check out the latest one below

By the same author: HackerCop

HackerCop's Track Pack

Custom Game Modes:
999,999ccHypersonic Kart WiiMario Kart Wii but the CPUs Are ImpossibleMario Kart Wii but You Have No FrictionMario Kart Wii but You Never Stop Accelerating

Custom Game Mode Update:
Platinum Hack Pack

Stat Edits:
Inverted RunnerPlatinum Runner Unofficial

Cheat Codes:
Infinite Blue ShellInfinite Green Shell

Custom Tracks:
Bowser's Ghost ValleyBowser's Gothic CastleDK Jungle RunDry Dry FortressMario Tower Defense IIIPerplexusRugged IslandThe Radcliffe CameraThwomp Meadows
Wario's Gold Mine: Tour

Custom Battle Arenas:
Rainbow Battle

Track Updates:
Death StarJust Another Bowser Castle

Track Edits:
DS Distorted FallsFunky's Piranha PlaygroundMaple Treeway but You Can Drive AnywhereTwisted Circuit‎Warped Mario Circuit

Texture Hacks:
Alien CircuitBowser's Inverted CastleBowser's Phantom CastleCharcoal CrossDaisy's Inverted CircuitDK Alien ParkwayFunky's LagoonInverted CapeInverted Meadows
Inverted RuinsLuigi's Inverted CircuitMoo Moo DunesN64 King Boo's CastleN64 Sherbet Land after Climate ChangeNeon MallPhantom GorgePhantom Mall
Phantom TreewayRainbow MineSNES Inverted ValleySunset CircuitToad's Inverted FactoryWario's Inverted Gold MineWhat If You Toured Luigi Circuit from Rainbow Road
What If You Toured Maple Treeway from Rainbow RoadWhat If You Toured Mario Circuit from SNES Ghost Valley 2

Character Textures:
Baby Peach on Piranha ProwlerInverted BonesPhantom BowserPink and Blue BowserPurple TroopaTurquoise Mario