Speed & Lap Modifier Tool

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Speed & Lap Modifier Tool
Creator: Crile, Wiimm
File Formats:
Version: v1.0
Download: MEGA

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This is a simple GUI for Wiimms Speed & Lap Modifier in WSZST (Wiimms SZS Tools). v1.32a or later of Wiimms SZS Tools is required.

Speed & Lap Modifier Tool
Current version: v1.0


Version 1.0

With this tool It's really easy to edit a track to have more laps or to be faster (This does only work when CTGP is enabled on a real wii). You can change the speed up to x3.0. If you want more speed values you can just contact me but for now I think that x3.0 is enough for this tool because I don't know If higher value is possible.

Version 2.0

What I've planned to add: I have planned to add more laps and higher speed values if its possible. I'll try to give the tool a better look.