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Improperly configured camera settings can cause game crashes during replays and post-match winning laps. Back up your KMP before you start editing. Camera editing is not so easy, but if you know how to do it, you can edit your Cameras perfect!


CAME are the cameras that you have to edit.

File:CAME LuigiM.png

First I start with opening cameras. The opening cameras are signed with the first two numbers 05 in the first Setting and the z5 with 220, 257 and 294 (watch at the pic). They controlls the time of the opening and the Routes which were used. For the time analyses by Wiimm go to Cameras/Reference#Opening_Pan.

File:CAME2 LuigiM.png

The Routes are signed by the last two numbers in the first Setting (watch at the pic). You can find the Opening Route Sections so:

As example in the pic I used SNES Ghost Valley 2. Take the first CAME with the z5 as 220, here it is CAME ID 11. Take the Route Settings, here it is "0D", or only D.

And now use Hex Calculator: D+1=E

Now convert it to Decimal: E=14

Finally: The first Opening Route Section is Route Section 14.

(It also works for objects!)

Do it with the other two numbers and you have the Opening Routes for your Opening CAMEs.

File:CAME3 LuigiM.png

CAME Types:

  • 00 = Camera immediately after finishing (the one that looks at you)
  • 01 = ObjClip: Stays in one position but always points to the player. Used during replays.
  • 02 = PathSearch
  • 03 = KartFollow
  • 04 = KartPathFollow
  • 05 = Opening Pans
  • 06 = OP_PathMoveAt
  • 07 = MiniGame
  • 08 = MissionSuccess (left over from MKDS)

See also KMP_(File_Format)#CAME



AREA camera bean.png

AREA with Camera Trigger 00 are the acctivators for the CAMEs after the race. If you drive in the near of one AREA after the race, it will acctivate the CAME that is written in the Settings (watch at the pic).

See also Cameras/Reference

See also KMP_(File_Format)#AREA

Camera Analysis by MrBean35000vr and Wiimm

Go here Cameras/Reference