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0x002 = 2
-- T--

The sea on GCN Peach Beach.


It floods and drops with a certain time, changing the height (the Y coordinate); to reach the max height Psea raises itself of 288 units.
This object can be used alone, but if is used to interact with players it needs the presence of the object pocha, because uses it when a player falls in the water, or game freezes at player's respawn.

Work with original Psea

If you want Psea on your track you have to do some things: first, on your model create two planes, one at Y = 0 (fifth and last "layer" of the sea, the lower; deep water, fall boundary) and a second
at Y = 240 (first "layer" of the sea, the highest).

For a strange and unknown reason, the position Y = 0 of Psea in game is at Y = 9860 on a 3D editor, so raise up your planes of these units.

Raising these planes of the max height, you have the "fall boundary" level of your track at Y ≤ 10148 and "dry locations" at Y > 10148 + 240, that is Y > 10388.
Now you can work on your track around these planes.

Naturally you can create your track at different heights, moving Psea of the correspondent height in the KMP file; X and Z transformations don't give problems if values aren't very big.
Rotation values don't affect the object's solidity.

Work with a modified Psea

If you want to create a Psea specifically for your track, you have to create 4 new polygons in your model, each one at different height for each "part" of original Psea:

  • 1 → Psea1sand, Y = 9648
  • 2 → Psea3nami, Y = 9600
  • 3 → Psea4tex and Psea5spc, Y = 9590,4 (are coincident)
  • 4 → Psea2dark, Y = 9336

Recommended shapes are hexagons and squares; they can be identical or you can make them one bigger than other: in the original Psea 1 is the smallest, 4 the bigger and the other proportionally big.

Now export as OBJ each polygon and import in SZS Modifier in every correspondent subfile; in KMP file coordinates of the new Psea are (0; 0; 0), that can be certainly changed.

The object's solidity is at fixed heights that are those above, so if you want a Psea for a "scenic effect" you have to create these polygons at heights greater than these above.

In game the blue of the water should become darker than original Psea.