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This article explains how to change character voices and other sounds in Mario Kart Wii, such as the Star and Mega Mushroom sounds.

You'll need:

Exporting the Sound

Tutorial Printscreen Brawlbox.png

First, open up BrawlBox and browse for your revo_kart.brsar Click on revo_kart, and a list will appear in the lower right corner. In this tutorial, we're going to replace GPR/TITLE, which is the music played at the title screen. Double click it and preview your sound. When it is the correct sound, export it as a wav file. To do that, right click your sound in the 'Sounds' listbox at the left, and choose 'Export'.

You can only export RBNK and RWSD sounds (can be seen in the 'Type' column). You won't be able to export RSEQ sounds, and 'External' just links to the track music files. Click here for a tutorial on how to edit such files.

Replacing the Sound

Tutorial Printscreen Brawlbox 3.png

To replace your sound, open the file you just exported using a DAW. It is recommended to use Audacity, so we'll be using that in this tutorial. After importing your sound with Audacity, you can see a frequency at the lower left corner. In this case, the frequency is 32000Hz. That means your new sound you want to insert must be the same. Now import your new song into Audacity too, and manage the length of your song because the new sound has to be the same length or smaller then the original one. The sound you see at the picture is too long, so we have to cut it. After doing that, you can close the original sound, and export your new sound as a wav file, but remember the frequency! It has to be the same as the original or it will crash BrawlBox.


  • Don't forget to match the volume. You can make your sound either louder or softer with the slider at the left.
  • Instead of setting the project frequency, you can also set the frequency for your new sound only. You can do that by clicking the title of your sound in Audacity, and select 'Set Rate'.

Importing Your New Sound

Tutorial Printscreen Brawlbox 4.png

Now, you can just go back to BrawlBox and do the same as you did in step one (exporting your sound). This time, you click 'Replace' instead of 'Export' in the right click menu. A new window will pop up. You can manage your loop of the sound with the yellow and the red stripe. Yellow is the start and red is the end. Preview your result and click on ok. Then you have to click on done. Save your revo_kart.brsar, and you're done!