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A Start Point defines an area, where players start the race. It is defined in the KTPT and STGI sections of the KMP.


On racing start, the players are set to the start positions. The rules are different for single player, multi player races and battles. Usually, a start point is placed about 100-200 game units behind the finish line (usually the first check point). But it's also possible to select complete other starting positions, e.g. in a special starting box.

Time Trial

In Time Trial, the driver starts exactly at the first defined point of KMP/KTPT. The point should at least 100 game units behind the finish line, so that the player enters the lap counting check point after start. Both, 3D position vector and 3D rotation vector, are relevant.

Versus, Grand Prix and Online Races

Start positions for 7 players, orange is narrow
Start positions for 12 players, mirrored, orange is narrow

In races with multiple players all players start in an area behind the first point defined by KMP/KTPT. The point should lay at least 100 game units behind the finish line, so that all players enter the lap counting check point after start. Both, 3D position vector and 3D rotation vector, are relevant. The size of the starting area depends of the number of players and narrow flag of KMP/STGI. The width of the start area is always 2000 game units, 1000 units to the left and 1000 units to the right of the defined start position. The maximal length behind the start position is about 5300 in wide mode (narrow flag=0) and about 4800 in narrow mode (narrow flag=1).

The drivers are placed in diagonals with maximal 3 drivers per line. Nintendo has defined 11 setups for 2–12 players[1], that follow some symmetry guidelines. The KMP/STGI flag left/right decides, if the first player at the pole position starts on the left or right side. If starting on the right side (flag=1), all start positions are mirrored.

At the right side you can find 2 examples for 7 and 12 players. The red line is the start line and the red box the starting position. The yellow boxes are the normal start positions, the orange boxes the narrow boxes. The grid size is 500 units.

Battle (offline and online)

Only for battles (with coins or balloons) it is possible, that the up to 12 players start at total different positions with different directions. Therefore the KMP section KTPT defines exact 12 start positions, one for each player. As before, the 3D position vector and 3D rotation vector are relevant.

Start line of the minimap

LE-CODE Logo (Vertical).png

The start line of the minimap is placed at the start position with respect to the position and horizontal rotation.

But there is a Start Line Bug in Mario Kart Wii: For races in mirror mode, the rotation is not mirrored. So the start line has a wrong direction (same as unmirrored). Only if the horizontal start direction (y rotation) is a multiple of ±90° (one of 0°, ±90°, ±180° or ±270°), the mirror mode shows also a correct rotated start line because of symmetry reasons. LE-CODE fixes this bug.

Another issue is, that the finish line at the minimap is drawn at the start position and not at the position of CKPT lap counter. If the distance or rotation of start point and lap counter differ to much (>1000 units or >5°), the players notice the wrong position. LE-CODE is able to fix it too, if a second KTPT is defined.