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This article is about the item settings as they apply to item boxes. For other objects, see Item Settings - Objects.


This is a list of item box settings, which can be edited in a KMP Editor. Values ranging from 0000 to 000C are used by Nintendo, and values from 0000 to 0010 (17 values) are defined in /Race/Common.szs/ItemSlot.bin. Any value greater than 0010 triggers completely undefined behavior.


A player cannot have two of any of these at once:

  • Mega Mushroom
  • Thunder Cloud
  • Triple Bananas
  • Triple Green Shells
  • Triple Red Shells

Otherwise, the second item will always be a Mushroom.

The second item will also be a Mushroom if a Lightning- or POW-Block-only item box is hit, in case a player has already had one in the last 30, respectively 20 seconds (Lightnings and POW Blocks can only appear if the last one was fired more than 30, respectively 20 seconds ago).

If three Bob-ombs are in play, the next item will be a Mushroom.

These values are the same for races and battles.


Value Setting 2 Item
0000 Default
0001 Banana
0002 Mushroom
0003 Triple Mushrooms
0004 Star
0005 Triple Green Shells
0006 Banana (50%) or Mushroom (50%)
0007 Green Shell
0008 Bob-omb
0009 Red Shell
000A Mega Mushroom
000B Thunder Cloud (Mushroom if another Thunder Cloud is in play)
000C Star (95%) or Mushroom (5%)
000D Mushroom (roulette shows Green Shell)
000E Mushroom (roulette shows Green Shell)
000F Mushroom (roulette shows Green Shell)
0010 Mushroom (roulette shows Green Shell)

Compare the values above with Table SPECIAL. The values of setting 2 only applies to human players. Setting 3 applies to CPUs.

Timing Lottery

Timing Lottery
Value Setting 6 Time Roulette Spins Respawn time in 1/60s
0000 Normal 150
0002 Shorter 150
0003 Shorter 150
0004 Shorter 600
0005 Normal 600
0006 Normal 900

Changing the value of setting 6 to shorter spinning does not work online.