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Here follows a list with used Object Settings, they can be edited in a KMP Editor. For example, you want to spawn a Star out of a bush, or a Mushroom out of a crate if you drive into them.

Quick Notes

Are you at the wrong page and you want to edit Item Box Settings instead? Go here!

Basically, only the values "0000" to "0010" (in hex) were coded and intended for use.
Here, you can see what the others that are not intended values do (that is why some of them make the game freeze).

Note that in Battle Mode:

  • The item roulette shows only a Green Shell every next setting after this included in setting 2 "000D".
  • When you are already big from a Mega Mushroom, instead of a Mega Mushroom or a Thunder Cloud, you get a single Mushroom
  • When you already have a Thunder Cloud, you get a Mushroom instead of another one
  • The Bullet Bill softlocks your game (because the battle KMP has no item route)

Items Spawning Out of Objects

Setting Value 2 VS Battle
0000 Banana, Green Shell, Fake Item Box Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-omb[1], Mushroom, Mega Mushroom[2], Fake Item Box
0001 Banana Banana
0002 Mushroom Mushroom
0003 Mushroom Mushroom
0004 Star (only 2 possible, the first one disappears) Star (only 2 possible, the first one disappears)
0005 Triple Green Shells Triple Green Shells
0006 Banana (50%), Mushroom (50%) Banana (50%), Mushroom (50%)
0007 Green Shell Green Shell
0008 Bob-omb (after 3, it drops Mushrooms) Bob-omb (after 3, it drops Mushrooms)
0009 Red Shell Red Shell
000A Mega Mushroom[3] Mega Mushroom (gives a Mushroom if you are already big from a Mega Mushroom)
000B Thunder Cloud[2] Thunder Cloud (gives a Mushroom if you already have a Thunder Cloud, or when you are big from a Mega Mushroom)
000C Star (95%, only 2) and Mushroom (5%) Star (95%) and Mushroom (5%)
000D Mushroom Mushroom
000E Mushroom Mushroom
000F Mushroom Mushroom
0010 Mushroom Mushroom

The "always ... or always ..." seems to have a precise time (or number of item boxes) when it changes to the other one

  • Setting Value 3 is the percentage of chance to spawn an object out of a bush or crate: from 0000 (0% = nothing will spawn) to 0100 (100% = always) can be used.
    And yes, the percentage is in decimals apparently.

  1. Bob-ombs work, however, they won't explode until you either hit it with an item or drive into it. In Team VS/Battle, you will get damage.
  2. 2.0 2.1
    The game will think that you have a Thunder Cloud above you when it just flew away. This way, your speed will stay as if you still have the Thunder Cloud above you.
    However, if you go through a cannon or respawn, the Thunder Cloud glitch will be gone.

  3. These objects do not have any effect. They will fly away and disappear once they have hit a wall or floor.